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Dec 8, 2006 01:52 PM

San Diego - Seafood!!

I'm coming in from Boston over the new year, and want a great Pacific seafood dinner (not on actual new year's eve). I read that the Crab Catcher is good. Any other suggestions? No chains, please.


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  1. Before making Crab Catcher reservations, you may want to read this series of posts:


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    1. re: Ed Dibble

      Matches my experiences at the Crab Catcher: OK, nothing special, slightly overpriced, erratic service. Funny about the same bad table. I hate getting "Table L"...

    2. Hmmm. Coming from Boston to San Diego and you want a great seafood dinner? Wouldn't that be like me flying from San Diego to New England in search of a great burrito?

      So, what might you get here that Boston might not have? How about abalone? Top of the Market usually has it, but it's very expensive. Diver scallops are also excellent and are on the menu at a lot of places. The Fishery in Pacific Beach may be a departure for an East Coaster, what with the mixture of Japanese and Mexican influences on their menu. And I haven't been to Boston in years, but I suspect that sushi is more ubiquitous out here, so you might search this board for a list of the better sushi joints.

      As for El Crab Catcher, it has a lovely ocean view from its best tables, and the food is pretty good, but may not be worth the air fare from Boston (IMO). I'm sure others will have some more specific recs, but I'll just say I hope you have a great trip and as good a time in San Diego as I did in Boston. Welcome.
      . . . jim strain in san diego.

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      1. re: Jim Strain

        Just made my first trip to The Fishery last night. We were very happy with our food.

        Nice beer selection, too. Lots of good locals to choose from.

        1. re: Josh

          I also enjoyed The Fishery, my report on it is embedded in this post:

      2. I also like Top of the MArket.

        Others to look at:

        If you are willing to try a Chinese Spin on things, you might want to look at Emerald Seafood on Convoy Street. They prepare everything fresh from the tank.

        WE also enjoy PAcifica Del MAr.

        1. We ate at Top of the Market (the 2nd floor) on our last visit to SD. The seafood was delicious and well prepared. Service was a bit lacking, though (ie water, not checking frequently enough, asking for dessert menu), but other than that, the food was great.

          1. Crab catcher wasnt too great last time we went. I've heard of a lot of other places that are better. If I was in la jolla I would definitely go for georges although they dont specialise in seafood.