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Dec 8, 2006 12:38 PM

The Olney Tavern??

Just got a coupon in the mail for The Olney Tavern (not the Olney Ale House). Anyone know of it and whether it is worth a try?

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  1. I had season tickets at Olney Theater for years, and vainly tried to find places to eat beforehand.

    Unfortunately, we came down to 3 options:
    1. Deli sandwich at BJ Pumpernickels
    2. Moules Frites at Le Mannequin Pis
    3. Eat before we get to Olney

    Tried every other place that serves food for miles around, and found nothing worth going to a second time. Did the tavern, the ale house, the pizza place(s), the diner and mexican places a mile east of the theater. But whatever you, please do NOT go to the Stained Glass pub. McDonald's is a far better choice, even if you had to pay the pub prices for your meal.

    1. Olney may not be Manhattan on the food scale, but there are places that have good chow. My current fave is the Jamaican fare at Grandma's Cooking. The jerk chicken packs some powerful flavor!

      1. Where in Olney is Grandma's Cooking?

        BTW, Stained Glass and Madison's are no more--Freeman CO wants hte site for offices.

        1. to quote dinwiddie from a post in this thread,

          "If you are in Rockville, drive out Norbeck Rd (Rt. 28 East) to the little strip mall at the corner of Norbeck and GA Ave. There is a nice little Jamacian place called Grandma's Cooking there. Authentic and cheap."

          1. There's a Greek place in the same strip center as Grandma's that has very good food, esp the gyro and felafel.