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Dec 8, 2006 09:06 AM

Le Creuset revisited

A while back - ok, a loooong while back, I asked if it was worth getting a Le Creuset enameled pot or if a cheaper one would do.

Well, I went ahead and got a Le Creuset and I am so happy I did. I cook many many things in it. I barely have time to put it away before I take it out to use it again. It's been great for the no-knead bread that's on everyone's lips as for stews, casseroles etc.
When I had gotten it my mother commented, oh i have two of those packed down in a box in the basement, both are smaller than this one, I never thought of them as very practical to use . Do you want them? So I have three now ;). That's fortunately how the crookie crumbles sometimes.

So was it worth the price I paid for it even when I got 2 for nothing? Oh you betcha :)!!

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  1. Congrats! I love mine too! My mom likes it, but she keeps warning me not to go overboard, as I'm not going to want to lift these when I'm older. :b

    1. It's a SAVIOR in the kitchen! My husband and I use ours for EVERYTHING!

      1. Yeah, a recent thread caused me to get the yellow pot out and I have a Bolognese (dark and evil) sauce on right now.

        1. I hve short ribs and root veg going now. I was looking at the Broadway Pan Handler ad on Wed. and was tempted by that 7 3/4 qt. pot but I would not be able to lift it filled. DH would have to be around to do that (back surgery limitations) and then I remembered that I have a great Calphalon 8 qt. Sautuse down stairs that I use for big pots of mussels etc. I think 8 assorted LC casseroles and bakers is plenty

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          1. re: Candy

            >I think 8 assorted LC casseroles and bakers is plenty

            Yes, it's plenty, but, when it comes to LC, is it enough? ;^)

            1. re: Cpt Wafer

              Well you never know do you? I only have 1 oval 6 qt. french oven....might have to justify another if the price was right.

          2. I live by my multiple Le Creuset round ovens. LOVE. THEM. A trick to cleaning them, for those who didnt read this in Cook's Illustrated, is to wash them the best you can, and then soak in water with a shot of bleach for 24 hours. Gets up almost all stains from the enamel.