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Dec 8, 2006 08:05 AM

Good place to eat near Hampstead?

Hi any suggestions for an interesting place in Hampstead for a SAt lunch?

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  1. I'm not often in Hampstead, but you could try the Horseshoe...have heard nice things. You may want to try to book.

    Otherwise, I've only ever been to the Chinese buffet, which was really nice, but probably not what you're looking for.

    Oh, and the Crepe cart!! That's always fun.

    1. I have eaten twice recently at The Freemasons Arms and have found it quite enjoyable and reasonably priced. It's in Downshire Hill.

      After lunch you can have a brisk walk on The Heath which is across the road.

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        The Hill nr Belsize park station is good - big portions, winter warming food.

        Freemasons is good, nice varied menu

        Fratelli La Bufala is a great Italian in South End Green. Be patient with the service - remember it's owned by real Italians :)

      2. if you like japanese try the very good value cafe japan in golders green which has excellent menu . jun kichi in hampstead is more expensive .