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Dec 8, 2006 05:37 AM

Christmas night, and Moroccan night

I've spent the last couple evenings reading the threads on Paris dining for the holidays, since my mother and I will also be there at this time. She decided to book at Le Senderens for Christmas Eve; I am hopeful it will be worth the price of admission. (Their menus, since I saw the issue raised elsewhere, are 360 w/wine, and 170 without - for Christmas/Eve and New Year's Eve.) We haven't decided on Christmas yet, but thank you for the info on holiday dining options. I'm going to be tasked with finding something other than bistro, though... No hotel dining if we can avoid it. More thoughts?

Personally, I am most excited about having some great winter game, and Moroccan while in Paris; we have 7 nights so plenty of time. Can anyone give me a favorite in this cuisine? Le Mansour is the one I've heard most about. The only condition is that they must have tables, and not just cushions, which may knock Mansouria off the list; this is only based on Zagat's guide someone has loaned us to peruse.

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  1. It was almost three years ago, but we very much enjoyed Restaurant 404 in the Marais (yes, they have tables...). Nice atmosphere and food. DH specifically said he would like to return there when we're in Paris the end of the month...but I gently pointed out that we will have just come from a week in North Africa and may not feel like more couscous....

    (Tangines at 404 were excellent, btw). Moderate prices.

    1. I have heard word of Restaurant 404. Thank you for the recommendation there! If I got Mom to like Indian food, I'm sure I can get her to love Moroccan, too...

      1. Oum El Banine, 16 bis, rue Dufrenoy (16th), (33-1), was simply a gorgeous meal for us last fall. It really is out of the way, but worth the walk from the Metro. Lamb and chicken tagines to die for, nifty wine list, and the best plate of pastries I've ever had.