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Anybody know any specialty chocolatiers in the Detroit area...

...that carry house-made milk chocolate ginger?

I know, I know, it sounds like I'm asking for the chocolate equivalent of bologna with whipped cream, but my father really enjoys them, and hasn't had them for years! Ever since Sydney Bogg went belly-up, I've been searching for milk chocolate ginger around here, and haven't found any, save for one time at Gayle's chocolates in Royal Oak. I've been in there since, and even tried special ordering, and they just look at me like I'm crazy. I'm not saying I'm not crazy, but these do actually exist, and while they're certainly an acquired taste, I enjoy a couple when I buy them for my dad.

It'd really be nice to get him some for a surprise Christmas present this year, so if anyone out there has any leads, please be sure to list them here, since I'm willing to travel up to, say, one hour one way, to find them. Oh, and please don't suggest any mail order stuff. I have to try before I buy to know if they're any good or not. I only buy good, quality milk chocolate ginger, and from the dearth of it around here, it seems like that'll be the only way to find it.

Thanks in advance for the ideas, fellow 'hounds!

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  1. Boagman,

    Check out-


    This chocolatier is in Cleveland. They make artiisial chocolates, truly special. My family has French and Swiss friends who ask us to bring chocolate from Mitchell's when we visit.

    The dip crytalized fiji ginger in chocolate. Is that what you are looking for?

    My husband and I will be in Detroit for Christmas starting Christmas eve. I would be happy to bring you some fiji gingers from Mitchell's. First of all, I love to turn people on to this WONDERFUL chocolate and secondly, I love to help a foodie in need!

    1. Also, checkout the Graecia Collection chocolates on the Mitchell web site. These are new creations, introduced thi holiday season. I was lucky enough to try one of the prototypes of the Daphne. OMG! BEAUTIFUL!

      1. Maybe try Sanders (http://www.sanderscandy.com/) with a few metro area locations. There's also a few chocolate stores in downtown Ann Arbor.

        1. boagman,

          I can order the ginger in milk chocolate from Mitchell's in CLceveland. Would you like me to?

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            Color me shocked! I actually called Gayle at Gayle's chocolates in Royal Oak not 3 minutes ago, and she said that she would specially make me a batch of milk chocolate-covered ginger! Huzzah!

            Thank you so much for the offer, Luckygirl, but it looks like I won't need you to do that for me. My father will be so pleasantly surprised, and I'll be happy to help him out with them! ;)

          2. Another place worth checking out, if you're willing to get it shipped:

            509-A Main Street
            Evanston, Illinois 60202
            Phone: 847-864-5504
            Fax: 847-864-5573

            This is one of those VERY SPECIAL places, a storefront where they make, sell, and ship some of the highest quality chocolates you'll find anywhere in the country. And yes, they sell candied ginger, covered in milk or semi-sweet Belgian chocolate (on their website, click on "Toffee and Fruits" for a photo and description).

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              Hmm. Thanks for the recommendation. That's someplace I can remember for the future, when I run into the Idiot Employee From Hell at Gayle's again. Of course, I wonder about the freshness of shipped chocolates, but hey, milk ginger beggars can't always be milk ginger choosers.

              Thanks again.

            2. I haven't been there so I don't know if they have this specific item or not (nor can I vouch for whether their other stuff is any good), but there's a place in Berkley called Sweet Essentials that has some sort of Sydney Bogg affiliation. Not sure what exactly. It's next to Amici's on 12 mile.

              1. Hi. You may or may not believe me, but I'm one of Sydney Bogg's granddaughters. His daughter, Joyce Bogg, is my mom. We were very sad to learn that the store went out of business and the name known for quality chocolates in Detroit was gone.

                Sweet Expressions in Berkeley was started by some folks that learned how to make candies and chocolates from working at the Sydney Bogg factory store at 7 mile and Woodward. I believe they were taught by Ralph Skidmore, who learned from Sydney and purchased the store from him in 1969 when Sydney retired. Perhaps they can hook you up with your fave.
                The owners of Sweet Expressions couldn't name the store Sydney Bogg due to the legal issues of the bankruptcy and someone who actually purchased many of the stores assetts (molds, kettles, etc.)
                My mom has visited the store on a few occassions and deems their product as quite good. We're planning to head there this weekend for our Easter candy.

                Christmas and Easter have not been the same since the store went "belly-up" as you say. Good luck in your search.
                Sydney Bogg's grand-daughter

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                  Oops. I had the name wrong. Its Sweet Essentials and in their tag line they say "Essentially Sydney Bogg" which is accurate. They use the same recipes and the same foundation ingredients and lots of the same equipment (a mixer built in 1902) and the nut roaster my grandpa built himself!
                  For those of you missing the sweet taste of an authentic Sydney Bogg Chocolate, Sweet Essentials is THE place to go!

                2. Schakolade in Ann Arbor does it's own ginger--both milk and dark. Their chocolates are very good--the dark is truly dark and the milk is creamy without being cloying. They havelots of other chocolates so a trip to taste test would be fun for any chocolate fan.


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                    there's a shakolad in Rochester Hills, too. Same plaza as Trader Joe's, Adams and Walton

                  2. I was very pleased to find Gayles in Royal Oak this year. They did the chocoaltes for our wedding and we really enjoy their products. For a long time after they left Birmingham I just thought they were out of business. Found them after dinner at Lillys seafood.

                    1. Hi Bagman
                      Sydney Bogg is allive and well. Go to Sweet Sensations on 12 Mile Road in Berkley, between Coolidage and Greenfield. The owners are fomer protoges of Sydney Bogg and are licensed to use the name. In fact, it is Sydney Bogg Sweet Sensations. I ran across the shop just this morning. It is charming, and everything is hand made, the old fashioned way. They have a web site as well. Just google Sydney Bogg Sweet Sensations

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                      1. re: chocoholic123

                        It's Sydney Bogg's Sweet Essentials. http://sydneyboggs.com/
                        Same quality ingredients and hand-dipped care as was started by the original Sydney Bogg.