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Dec 8, 2006 05:20 AM


ok, i just went off on a tangent on another bulletin that was originally about another thai restaurant, but i feel like tigerland needs its own stream, with title. so here is what i wrote on the other stream:

tigerland ROCKS! i love that place. yes, it's definitely pricier than your average thai or vietnamese place. but everything, including their rice and tea, is organic. so in retrospect, it's a good deal. also, all their meat is organic and excellent quality (the lemongrass porkchop makes my mouth water! and the shaking beef) and all their seafood is wild and not farmed. and the shrimp are still fairly big. the caramelized shrimp with berkshire pork is excellent, as is their clay pot with wild scallops and shrimp. their bun xeo (viet crepe) with shrimp and pork is a great starter, and they also have one with 3 kinds of mushrooms for vegetarians. ooh, and their angel wings, deboned chicken wings stuffed with noodles and seafood and veggies, sooo yummy. their sangria is good, but a bit pricey. the mango tea sweetened with honey is really great. for drinks i'd suggest pitchers of japanese beer, if you want to keep the cost down.

the early special is an amazing deal. i went with 5 other friends, and we ordered 6 apps, 6 entrees to share and each got dessert. the $22 it costs is well worth it, and it really is a ridiculous amount of food. and you get to try all the dishes! dessert was sweet coconut milk with tapioca, pineapple chunks and coconut jelly. really delish. i highly recommend this place. be warned (this wasn't in the other post) they are not trying to do super spicy authentic thai, but their food is not overly sweet like many thai restaurants in the city. they do it right. a little nouveau clean twist. think omai-ish.

its where Kim's video used to be on Avenue A

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  1. i agree on all counts...(i wish they played better music though)...did they have many people there?...when i went there a few times last summer they were still trying to build a customer base...

    1. i've been a few times, and its never been full, but i'd say 75 % full. i think its starting to pick up on the weekends, and i think nobody really knows about the early special. for a large party i would recommend a reservation. they aren't super duper quick, but they handled our party of 17 and party of 14 quite well.

      1. Just wanted to add my voice in support of Tigerland. Went there last night and had a fantastic meal. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and the design of the place was very nice. Had their angel wings and some butternut squash curry puffs, and then their mussaman short ribs and duck red curry; all of it was excellent. I will definitely be going back in as soon as I get a chance; for purists, it may not be completely authentic, but it takes the spirit of authentic thai and vietnamese food and applies sophistication and slowfood/organic/sustainable ideals, with a wonderful outcome.