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Dec 8, 2006 04:58 AM

jarnac, north square, or landmarc for birthday dinner?

hi chowhounders,
my boyfriend is requesting french or new american for his birthday dinner. we're in our early 30's and are seeking good food, laid back atmosphere, and reasonable prices-entree's between the mid to upper 20's range. jarnac, north square, and landmarc are a few places i'm considering-never been to any of them and would greatly appreciate some feedback and hear of dining experiences there. i'm also open to other restaurant suggestions. thanks so much!

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  1. Of the 3, Landmarc. I thought Jarnac was mediocre. I've never been to North Square, but I haven't heard anything good about the food there, so I've never really wanted to make the effort. Landmarc doesn't take reservations, if that's a consideration. I'd also recommend Red Cat and Artisanal for the occasion.

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      It has never taken anything like an effort to get me to North Square. A cozy, appealing place with decent prices and first rate food, I have taken friends there on several occasions and it is always a success. The crab and lobster cakes are terrific and there is a grilled sausage plate for two that is really fine. While one friend was very happy with his grilled tuna, I think the porcini dusted halibut is one of my favorite dishes anywhere.

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        thanks for your feedback, lucia. how long of a wait do you think it would be on a saturday night for landmarc?

        1. re: poutinelover

          I've only been for lunch, so I can't say.

      2. Can't speak for the other two, but I've really enjoyed North Square on the 2 occasions I've been there.

        1. thanks for your feedback! how would you describe the atmosphere there, and also would you be happy if someone brought you there for your birthday? any recommended dishes?