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Dec 8, 2006 04:39 AM

Pho in Bakersfield

I mentioned this place in another thread, but it deserves it's own. The name is Pho Vi and it's next to Saigon Palace. (Apparently in the area where Stuart Anderson's used to be a while ago.) I think it's on Union. Very good pho. I had meatballs and rare beef (which cooks in the soup as it sits.) Nice side of fresh basil, jalapeno peppers and bean sprouts served with each soup. Take my advice, get a small, it's plenty big.

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  1. Pho Vi is located in the "Little Saigon" shopping center on Union Avenue.
    If you go at lunch time, go before Noon or after about 1pm, otherwise you have to wait for a table. I agree with your review about their pho. Their spicy beef soup (which used to be served only on Fridays and Saturdays...not sure if it's available everyday now) is quite good, too.
    There's an odd shop a couple doors down that sells Bobba Teas that also makes Vietnamese sandwiches, too. Haven't tried the sandwiches, yet.

    As for other pho places, there's a chinese restaurant on the south side of White Lane, in a small strip mall east of Hwy. 99, that also serves some vietnamese dishes, including pho. The story behind it is that there's a nearby nail salon owned by a vietnamese woman. She would get off work and eat at the chinese place and was commiserating with the owner of the chinese restaurant that (at the time) there weren't any nice vietnamese places in town. The owner of the chinese restaurant said "Teach me how to make your dishes and I will put them on the menu". So now the chinese restaurant makes chinese food and vietnamese food. I think the plate of extras you get with your pho is more generous at this place than at Pho Vi.

    And I haven't heard anything good about "Saigon" on Oak Street.

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      You're right - it's Little Saigon. (My bad.)

      I'm curious. I had a recommendation for a sushi place that started with an "I" off of Ming (west from 99). I went and it was okay but not outstanding. Just wondering if you'd been there (assuming you're telepathic and can even determine what I mean by my cryptic description - sorry about that) and what you thought about it.