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Dec 8, 2006 01:45 AM

New Year's Eve in or around New Haven without the hype

For the first time in several years, we are planning on not traveling for New Year's. The past few years we have done NYE in Newport, but it's not in the cards this year. We plan on dining with our sons (13 and 18) somewhere in the greater New Haven area (or perhaps something like a 30 mi radius!) and would like to have a first class dinner without the hype or wildly inflated prices.
Our sons have fairly sophisticated palates, so we are definitely not talking about low end dinner houses.
I haven't really pursued any of our favorite restaurants yet (in New Haven, that would be Roomba, Pacifico, Union League, Ibiza, Zinc, now bespoke, etc) but my assumption is that they will have expensive prix fixe menus. Any suggestions???

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  1. Just wanted to bump this threat up....anybody with any suggestions?

    1. If you want to have some great food without going broke you might want to look into THALI on Orange st. It is a great Indian wait, don't have any preconcieved notion about this place...I never was one to try any Indian restaurant!!!! THALI is a very refined restaurant. The food is composed beautifully!!! I had crab with coconut, and chat(an Indian small plate of lentiles, rice, herbs). The presentation was comparable to any fine restaurant regardless of cuisine. They have a great wine list. Check out their website....I am going back this weekend!!!!
      They have 3 locations.

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        Hi ..if u want to try a new place..there's Mandala Bistro at 25 temple the food there ..the food is mixed cusine and good choice too and they have a good selection of wines too. I am going there tomorrow for a new years eve party with a group of friends.

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          1. We're long past the time (which is about how long since I was here) but for the people scraping the boards later, we had a good New Year's meal a couple years ago at Bentara. The year before that it was Miso. Neither were doing anything special for New Year's, which was part of the appeal. Bentara was slightly better, since it was open later. (Though not up to midnight. For that, we went to the Anchor -- ixnay on the ildrenchay).