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Dec 8, 2006 01:39 AM

Albuquerque--Ambrosia or Graze?

I'll be heading back to ABQ in a couple of weeks, and I'm really looking forward to trying one of these two places for the first time. Any opinions on which is better? And what dishes do you recommend?

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  1. Hooboy. You should start by peeking at the menus, and then thinking about what you'd like to eat - I can give tips on each menu if you have specific questions.


    Graze recently switched to a big/small plates format, from their previous small plates only thing. Ambrozia is putting out good food, but I think they are not nearly as "cool" and unusual for the Duke City as they were when they opened 4 years ago.


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      As already noted, Graze is closed. Amborsia just announced that they will close following dinner New Year's Eve. The owner plans to open a new restaurant in the former Graze location sometime in February.

    2. I wouldn't recommend one over the other, but I do have a couple of comments.

      Jennifer James has left Graze (FYI, in case that influences your decision).

      We were disappointed at Ambrozia. We found they had excellent sauces and beautiful presentations, but the food itself was pretty boring.

      - Jo

      1. The 2 are not really comparable. Totally different types of menus. But I would always choose Ambrozia over Graze.


        1. Thanks for everyone's input so far.

          Per tenacity's advice, I took a look at both menus, and a few items in particular caught my eye:

          Ambrosia--mini duck meatloaf, lobster corn dogs, foie gras BLT, winter vegetable harvest, pork chop with vanilla bean sweet potato cakes, grilled elk tenderloin, batter-fried PB&J.

          Graze--deviled egg, house pate, chorizo penne, pork chop, spare ribs, chicken with chipotle cider glaze.

          Any further comments would be greatly appreciated.

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            I've been a fan of Graze from when Jennifer James was in the kitchen. Had a solo dinner there last evening that was every bit as good as the past what with the recent changes. Service was impeccable.

            Starter was a salad with goat cheese stuffed dates; dressing involved blood oranges. Salad was notable for NOT being over-dressed and requiring no additional salt nor pepper (unusual most places imo).

            Entree was spectacular (a special); a piece of grilled ono served atop a nutty orzo. It was very sparingly sauced with an herb aioli and garnished with a few bits of diced, preserved lemon. Barely wilted pea shoots topped it all. The flavors came together beautifully with no one dominating. First flavor was the pea shoots and it left me immediately thinking about how I could use them at home. It was a great effort from whoever was in the kitchen.

            Had several different white wines by the glass from their interesting list; an Argentinian pinot blanc which went well with the salad and a "huge" California chardonnay - Franciscan Cuvee Sauvage - which I had not had for years and wanted to revisit which was pleasant enough with the fish.

            I like Ambrozia too but like Ms Tenacity it does not feel as cutting edge as it once did. Nothing wrong with the food though. Were I you and I could, I'd surely try both.

            1. re: fyfas

              The ideal combination would be to have a blowout dinner at Graze: sampling whatever fresh fish they have, the deviled eggs which are to die for, the housemade pate, whatever soup is good that day, and whatever salad catches your eye, followed by any of the desserts.

              THEN, have brunch on Sunday at Ambrozia. For $20, you get 4 courses of inventive and fun food, just the right amount of whimsy for a Sunday morning.

              My other recommendation out of left field would be Slate Street Cafe. Far cheaper than Graze/Ambrozia, and food that is darn near as good.

              1. re: tenacity

                I forgot about Slate Street Cafe--maybe we'll go there for lunch. I think I'll push for Graze this time around for dinner. Sadly, I won't be in ABQ over the weekend for Ambrosia brunch.

                Thanks again, everyone. I'll be sure to report back.

          2. I would choose Ambrozia over Graze every time. I have never found Graze to be terribly "cutting edge". Deviled egss??? Grilled fish with polenta, composed salads and many of the items on their menu are all things I eat at home (for a fraction of the cost), on a regular basis. Give me a trio of Gazpahos, wild boar suasage, duck meatloaf or a lobster corn dog any day!

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              I agree with the thought "I can make it as well for less at home" that you expressed. That said I felt the effort at Graze was well done and at $21 the fish entree not overpriced at all. This dish in Santa Fe would have been $27+ and in Los Angeles (where I was returning from) easily $33.

              I don't dislike Ambrozia just think it a bit tired. I LOVE intersting "takes" on comfort food such as the duck meatloaf. Only item I'd quarrel with you about is that Lobster Corn Dog. While I HAD to try it I found it essentially tasteless. But then, why should I have expected flavor ? After all it IS a corn dog and I don't recall any New Mexico lobster; ever.

              As much as I like to cook/experiment/eat at home, sometimes it's just nice to be eat out and read a book while someone else does the work.