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Dec 8, 2006 01:32 AM

Jagerhaus German Restaurant (review + pics)

Earlier in the month, I was looking for suggestions of where to eat close to the Arrowhead Pond and luckily, "SouthOCHound" offered up Jagerhaus. I actually haven't been to a German restaurant before so I was definitely looking forward to checking this place out. I have to say that Jagerhaus is a great find.

The interior of Jagerhaus had a very homey feel to it. Flowered wallpaper and wood panelling surrounded us as we were seated, by a very warm and friendly hostess. Soon after being seated, we were served really wonderful bread. Warm and soft and with pumpernickel being my favorite, I had to remember to share with my dinner partner.

For dinner, I started with the goulash soup and than with my cabbage roll entree, I order sauerkraut and potato pancakes as my sides. The goulash soup was thick and hearty and tasty chunks of vegetables and meat. I really liked it a lot, except for the fact that it had a funny tangy after taste. :(

The cabbage roll was amazing. They didn't scrimp at all when it came to the meat. I honestly think it was actually a mini meatloaf that they just happened to wrap a couple cabbage leaves around, cooked and then served. The meat was moist and I liked the small chunks of onions that was mixed with the meat because it added some great flavor to this dish.

As for the sides, the sauerkraut was actually too sour for my palate. One or two bites and that was enough for me. I really enjoyed my potato pancakes, at least the outer edges. My one complaint is that they didn't fry it all the way though. The middle was not browned and a little mushy. If I didn't have that mushy middle, the potato pancakes would have been perfect.

For dessert, I shared the German Chocolate Cake and wow, what an awesome cake. Sometimes German Chocolate Cakes can err on the coconut being too dry, but this cake was so moist as was the coconut. The frosting was also creamy and full of chocolate goodness.

Other than a few glitches, I really enjoyed my meal at Jagerhaus and would make a return trip if I'm ever back in Anaheim again.

To see pics, go to:

2525 East Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 520-9500


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  1. Thanks for the review. I recently ate at the Lowenbrau Keller near Silverlake and wondered where the German restaurants were. Food is a little heavy, but comforting and a refreshing departure from the trendy sushi eats.

    1. Love the potato pancakes and apple sauce. I heard they changed owners recently - and the new owner just added his name in front of Jagerhaus.

      1. I still remember my first visit there earlier this year. Superbly delicious. Don't forget to check out the specials listed on the board behind where the hostess greets you. Ordered the wonderful stuffed pork chop when I visited.

        My Jagerhaus review back in February:

        1. I'm a lover of german food myself.

          Not ashamed to admit it at all.

          1. Granted we didn't order the cabbage roll, but our most recent dinner there is just kind of ho-hum. The roast duck was kind of stale and has a mild rancid flavor, the skin not crispy at all. I suspect that it was cooked previously and reheated. My hubbie's pork in cream gravy dish (can't remember the name at the moment) was merely OK.

            I think their breakfast was good though - much better than the average breakfast joints. We usually order the omelet with the sauerkraut, or with the spatzle. Their fruit German style pancakes were good. Not to mention their homemade plum jam and homefries...