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Dec 8, 2006 01:19 AM

Looking for fresh Quince

Does anyone know if fresh Quince fruit is available in the markets right now?

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  1. If I can get them in Bloomington, IN somebody in your area must have them. They are in season Oct-Jan. I made cranbery and quince compote for turkey day and am makimg a quince tarte tatin next weekend. I had to convince a small local grocer to get them in in early Nov. and Yesterday an Indiana chain had them in. Speak Up! I want my quinces!

    1. Check your local supermarket. I've been buying mine at Pavillions supermarket, of all places, in South Pasadena. I think a lot of the big chains are starting to carry quince. If that doesn't work, try Middle Eastern or Eastern European grocery stores. I've also occasionally seen quince in Hispanic or Asian supermarkets. Deborah Madison has a recipe in her cookbook Local Flavors for quince pip tea, which she got from some Mexican cooks she worked with.

      1. I've been seeing them all over the central produce market downtown so they must be available in a large variety of markets.

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          Excellent. Thanks for the help.

        2. sunland produce (sunland and glenoaks in sunland) had them last week.

          1. SuperKing on San Fernando near the 2 had an immense pile of quince at a very low price last week.

            r gould-saltman

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              That place is great for an abundance of unique items. Never saw raw garbonzos before, and they have a huge pile of those, too.

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                ... And the quality of their produce is excellent, especially in view of their low prices.