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Going for my first time Friday night. Anybody know if they have a dress code? At 20 below one must know these things.

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  1. You'll be in Yorkville, I'd go with the higher end of smart casual.

    And let us know how it is :)

    1. yeah ......smart casual.... the decor is like a victorian-style house turned into restaurant.
      I went there for a wedding shower about one month ago. It was delicious from what i remember. I loved the pizza bruschetta - complimentary appetizer. I had the breaded chicken breast in a rosemary hazelnut cream.....it was tasty, could have done with a better side then the bland veggies. The pasta dishes were also well-liked by others.

      1. Thanks for the warning, Pancake. In my search for a pure southern Italian resto (not Italian with southern dishes) east of Spadina I stumbled across this place. Admittedly I find the steamed veggies with everything off-putting. Willing to try if the pasta & seafood dishes are so good as to make the steaming forgiveable. Better be since I and my poor frozen legs will miss my jeans.

        Will do, NovoCuisine.

        1. It's pretty laid back. I've eaten there many times, and worn anything from jeans and a casual shirt to a suit.

          In all my visits I've only ordered from the menu twice. Pick one of the specials; they'll let you change it however you'd like. Failing that, I found both the linguine di mama ninetta and the sausage & quail plate (back when I still ate meat...sigh...) to be excellent.

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            Thank you, thank you, ooooh thank you. I was hoping you'd pop up since you seem to be a semi-regular there. Thanks for the food advice as well. I tend to stick to the specials when I go to such places as Fusilli. Keeps it fresh & exciting that way. If hubby & I ever run into you and the wife please let me buy you a scotch. You saved me from freezing.

          2. Sorry to burst your excitement bubble...but after looking at thier menu (and with the help of a calculator) over 80% of the dishes / items / ingredients at Fieramosca have absolutely nothing to do with the South of Italy! 40% of the menu has nothing to do with Italian food at all!! Oh when will this city send some people over to Italy and have them come back with an actual true Italian restaurant!

            Still waiting in vain....

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                I hope I can identify you some day Itdan, because I only have six words for you: Thank you & here's your scotch.

              2. ok, i ate here last nite, i liked the complimentary bruschetta they start you with and the cap was good. went with the pasta vongole, lot of fresh clams in the shell, pasta was al dente with a simple but tasty sauce. started with the antipasto plate, good also, especially the large portobello. the only drawback was the seating, we were in the back room and it gets cramped and noisy when full. I'd go back but there's lots more places to try first.

                oh yeah, whatever you want to wear is fine. I remember (many :) )years back, most of the nicer restos had a dress code, except for Barberians where i could go dressed in whatever, i mean who wants to dress up just to eat a good meal?