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Dec 8, 2006 12:27 AM


Going for my first time Friday night. Anybody know if they have a dress code? At 20 below one must know these things.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You'll be in Yorkville, I'd go with the higher end of smart casual.

      And let us know how it is :)

      1. yeah casual.... the decor is like a victorian-style house turned into restaurant.
        I went there for a wedding shower about one month ago. It was delicious from what i remember. I loved the pizza bruschetta - complimentary appetizer. I had the breaded chicken breast in a rosemary hazelnut was tasty, could have done with a better side then the bland veggies. The pasta dishes were also well-liked by others.

        1. Thanks for the warning, Pancake. In my search for a pure southern Italian resto (not Italian with southern dishes) east of Spadina I stumbled across this place. Admittedly I find the steamed veggies with everything off-putting. Willing to try if the pasta & seafood dishes are so good as to make the steaming forgiveable. Better be since I and my poor frozen legs will miss my jeans.

          Will do, NovoCuisine.

          1. It's pretty laid back. I've eaten there many times, and worn anything from jeans and a casual shirt to a suit.

            In all my visits I've only ordered from the menu twice. Pick one of the specials; they'll let you change it however you'd like. Failing that, I found both the linguine di mama ninetta and the sausage & quail plate (back when I still ate meat...sigh...) to be excellent.

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              Thank you, thank you, ooooh thank you. I was hoping you'd pop up since you seem to be a semi-regular there. Thanks for the food advice as well. I tend to stick to the specials when I go to such places as Fusilli. Keeps it fresh & exciting that way. If hubby & I ever run into you and the wife please let me buy you a scotch. You saved me from freezing.