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Dec 8, 2006 12:13 AM

10 or 12 inch skillet?

I really want to know what people think is more versatile, a 10 inch or a 12 inch skillet? I know it would depend on what you're cooking and how many you're cooking for, but which do you find most useful to you? I want to buy some non-stick as well as cast iron pans to cook up anything from bacon and eggs to stir fry to pancakes.

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  1. I was thinking about this the other day. 12" makes more sense overall. We're only 2 in our house, so you'd think a 10" would be fine, right? But in fact, it isn't.

    Frequently you need the extra space around the food you cook for many things. For instance in frying/sauteeing. If you squeeze to many items into the pan, you wind up with too much condensation forming and the food won't cook properly. With a larger pan, the steam has a chance to evaporate and therefore, the sauteeing/panfrying process is achieved properly.

    The 10" is fine for other uses, but they really have been problematic for such things as cutlets, etc.

    I have way too many pans which are too small and I really need to start investing in larger ones. I have non-stick, cast iron and stainless steel in all sizes tho. I find each of them have their pluses and minuses for various uses.

    BTW, I have a dedicated non-stick for eggs. I don't cook anything else in it - ever. Not a scratch on it. I'm fanatical about that pan :-)

    1. Consider getting a 12" as well as an 8" for smaller jobs.

      1. I use a 12" with sloped sides most of the time. I have a 10" Berndes with straighter sides that I may use once a month. We are a household of 2.

        1. I agree with going for the 12" - more room when sauteeing, especially if you want leftovers - we're also a household of two.

          1. Definitely a 12". I have a 12" and an 8". Now I want a 10", just for a few other jobs, but I use the 12" all the time, even for just the two of us.