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Dec 8, 2006 12:03 AM

looking for an essay that talks about being passionate about food

This may sound like an odd request but I'm trying to teach my writing the group how to write passionately about food by using a variety of words, not just yummy or amazing.

Any help would be great. I really like Tony Bourdain's writing and would welcome something literate and out of the ordinary.

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  1. Lots of M. F. K. Fisher's essays would qualify.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      there's mary frances and then there's everyone else.

    2. Calvin Trillin's food writing is memorable, tho usually has a comic twist. A.J. Liebling wrote some great stuff about food, too.

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      1. re: Mr. Cookie

        Trillin's a great idea, and you might want to consider the recently departed Apple as well.

        1. re: MMRuth

          Agreed. Trillin is IMO more accessible for young writers than Fisher, if only b/c his vocab/ syntax is more current.

          Apple is a great example if someone who was an great oustanding writer, who, fortunately for us finally got to writing about food.

        2. Try this written by our own Thi N. This pretty much blows away anything ever written about Langer's Deli, including one by Nora Ephron.

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          1. re: Professor Salt

            I had never read that before, thanks for the link. That was a great post. I think I might have to try Langer's when I'm in LA next month...

          2. Go to your local library or bookstore and read the introduction written by Judy Rodgers to her Zuni Cafe cookbook.

            Read any of Michael Ruhlman's books, "Making of a Chef," "Soul of a Chef," or "Reach of a Chef," or scan his website for some of his blogs.

            Go to "The Delicious Life," Sarah's blog on blogspot. I particularly enjoyed the colorful descriptions in her review of Rick Bayliss's Frontera Grill in Chicago, from the fall of 2005.

            1. I thought this was fun:


              An old man on a diet who lives with an ambitious young chef. I like his style.

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