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Dec 7, 2006 11:51 PM

Help for Breakfast Near Wilmington DE

I'll be coming in to the Concord Pike/N Washington St./ Lea Boulevard area of Wilmington from the Philadelphia airport on Saturday and will be looking for breakfast. Something relatively quick but satisfying. A diner type spot would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Haven't been there in a long while so I don't know if it is still open but the Post House is a diner like place on the corner of Lea Blvd and Market St/Philadelphia Pike. On Concord Pike is Hollywood Grill (a former HoJo) and Golden Castle, which I don't care for but alot do. BrewHaHa for good coffee and pastries. After 9am, Bon Appetit in Talleyville Shoppes at Silverside Rd.

    1. Slim pickings on 202. I think Mike covered the bases.

      1. Forgot. There is also a Manhattan Bagel on 202 (Concord Pike).

        1. Thanks. We wound up at the Golden Castle. Not memorable but it did fit the bill. Very plentiful portions, good home fries. Very busy at 9 am on a Saturday morning.

          1. This is 1.5 yrs after your request, but I had to reply since I saw Golden Castle mentioned: avoid it like the plague. The new diner, Lucky's, on RT 202 (Concord Pike) is worth checking out. You can order B/L/D any time of day. Food is satisfying, service is very good, and the retro-mod decor is fun.