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Best Patty Melt in LA

What would you say is the best restaurant that serves THE BEST patty melt?

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  1. Don't know if its "The Best" but Pann's makes an awfully good one.

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        Fourthed, if that's a word. I think it's their best burger, certainly their best burger bargain. The sucker is a half-pounder...which means I'm allowed maybe one a year. It's worth it.

      2. I can only refer you to my item #4 in my response to the recent "simple, awesome dishes" thread:

        Chupa de camarones at Mario’s Peruvian
        Bistecca ala fiorentino at Pane e Vino
        Gnocchi w wild mushroom sauce at La Buca
        Patty melt at Pann's
        BLT at Burger Continental
        Clams w chorizo at The Hungry Cat
        Grilled seabass at Fisherman’s Outlet
        Rotisserie chicken at Pollo ala Brasa

        Pann's patty melt defines the genre.

        1. The patty melt at Big Jo's in Santa Monica is really good.

          Big Jo's
          1955 Broadway
          Santa Monica, CA 90404

          1. Swingers on Beverly Blvd.

            1. I tried Big Jo's- it may have been the WORST patty melt I've ever had. Ever.

                1. I have heard so much about Pann's! WHat else are great there??

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                      On the triangular island at the intersections of La Cienega, La Tijera and Centinala (Thomas Guide page 673 A7).

                      This is not a fine Dining Destination. This is a very good diner. They have an excellent split pea soup, and their huge and succulent chicken wings are the stuff of legend. And you can get breakfast any time you want, which is all I really ask for a place like this.

                    2. If you dont mind beer joints>

                      Thirsty Isle
                      4317 E Carson St
                      Long Beach, CA 90808

                      1. I miss the Ship-Shape burger. A lot. And the patty melt at Five Horsemen, for that matter. But the patty melt at Pie and Burger is pretty fine.

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                          Now that brings back memories, Grandma used to take me to the Westwood or Olympic/La Cienaga Ships for the Ship Shape Burger and the Deep Dish Boysenberry Pie a la mode! Or she would make Grandpa take me!