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Dec 7, 2006 11:03 PM

Kosher cooking substitutes

What do you use to substitute when the recipe calls for something not kosher or meat/dairy when you are cooking the opposite? What do you use to substitute for butter, milk, cheese or shrimp, clams or bacon and the like? Is it worth making recipes that call for nonkosher items?

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  1. For milk I use non dairy creamer (parve) not soy milk. I find soy cheese to be unusable in recipes. I'v ealways used Smart Balance instead of butter. I've used beef fry instead of bacon. Can't help you with fish I never touch the stuff.

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      for shellfish my family has always used the imitation crabmeat, which you can buy in chuncks (for crab) or fake looking shrimps (which I guess would be imitations shrimp meat, but they both taste the same, nonetheless)

      also, the morning star meal starters are good for gound beef, ground sausage substitutes, and can be found in most grocery stores' freezer section

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        How would half-and-half be substituted? I'm trying to make creamed spinach and am not sure if soy milk or dairy creamer would work.

        1. re: rolamima

          I've had good luck replacing cream with MimiCreme, which is nut-based, vegan, and under the Kaf-K. You can get it on Amazon, or directly from their own website.

      2. Check out PErfectly Pareve by Eileen Goltz - it has section of different substitutions primarily for dairy ingredients -

        1. Funny you should ask tonight- I'm currently baking parve cheesecakes- Tofutti makes a parve cream cheese which I'm using instead of the real stuff.

          Does anyone have a good suggestion for yogurt? I've never found a good substitute...

          1. I sub turkey bacon for the real thing in dishes such as black bean burritoes.
            Soy milk subs very well for regular milk in many baking recipes. I've had good luck with canola oil instead of melted butter, too.

            1. Replacing milk and butter are easy. I tend not to bother with recipes calling for shellfish; I don't particularly like surimi, and I've never even heard a suggestion of a good replacement for, say, oysters or shrimp. Friends have had good luck with the soy-based ground meats, but I haven't tried them myself. What I'd like to replace, but haven't been able to, is other dairy, like heavy cream in baking and soups, or cheese in just about everything. (Seriously, do people who don't keep kosher really put cheese on almost everything, as recipes imply? Frequently, it's pretty good without the cheese, too.)

              I've had pareve cheesecakes that were tasty baked goods, but never ones that were good cheesecakes. Somehow, the soy-cream doesn't quite cut it.