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Tiem Banh Sai Gon

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Happened upon this self-titled Saigon Tofu Bakery & Deli after an awesome meal at Hardena Restaurant last night and had to stop in and look around. It's a Vietnamese bakery & cafe in a large space. There are a few tables and chairs and many other tables laden with snacks and sweets. I had to post because I bought a package of three durian "buns" that were very good. They look kind of like buns but are decorated somewhat like mooncakes. There's a flaky but chewy shell and the insides are full of a delicious durian mixture. The first one was so good that I had to eat another one. I also picked up pandan and durian rollcake slices and thought the pandan one was a great example of the genre, very moist and tasty, with just a hint of pandan flavor.

Tiem Banh Sai Gon
1110 Washingto Ave, Unit #8
Open 7 days, 8am - 8pm, Fri/Sat -9pm

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  1. Great recs, can't wait to try all of these. I had lunch at Hardena last Sunday, isn't the homemade sambal outrageous?