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Dec 7, 2006 10:42 PM

How do you use the Cuisinart shredding disk?

I have had my Cuisinart for years but never used anything but the standard blade. It came with a Video and manual that I threw out a long time ago. Now I'm stumped. I've searched on google and haven't found anything useful. Please help if you can!

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  1. You need the little dock that keeps the disk in place, it's plastic and is mostly a straight line with a slide holder (sort of) at the end -- it goes where the blade usually goes, and then the disk fits in at the end of the dock.

    1. I am so glad you asked this question - I have often wondered the same thing. How do you feed the item to be shredded into the blade?

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        You just put it into the feeding tube, and use the little pusher to push the item through the tube evenly.

        1. re: JasmineG

          Thanks to this blog, I just used my Cuisinart shredder disc!! It works like magic- made easy work of shredding carrots, zucchini. In seconds! So glad I finally took the time to learn to use the disc attachments- don't know what took me so long!!

      2. It works great for carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cheese, etc. Just cut them into chunks that will fit in the top feeder tube, put the 2nd part of the lid back on, and push through. Also, if you have a slicing disk it makes easy work of cucumbers for cucumber salad. These extra disks really make life easier.

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        1. re: ScarletB

          AND CHEESE! Don't forget that it shreds cheese so easily!

          1. re: SChalfant

            Amen to cheese. I shred cheddar in mine a lot, and it yields little curds that are the chef's treat (shared with lurking children). Not good for hard cheeses, though.

          2. re: ScarletB

            I actually have trouble getting even slices with the slicing disc. For anything that matters I currently slice by hand, altho I'm in the market for a mandoline. Am I doing something wrong? I always get some paper thin slices, some 1/8th inch, and a bunch in between.

            The grater is awesome, however. Use it for cheese and radishes and carrots.

            1. re: eight_inch_pestle

              No, you're not doing anything wrong; food processors don't slice very evenly, imo. I don't bother using the slicing blade anymore, or just use it for potatoes for gratin, where the consistency and appearance of the slice doesn't matter; and I mostly just do it by hand. The only way to get even slices is to put the cucumber or zucchini or potato, for example, into the food tube and press down very gently, letting the machine do the work. I find thicker slices are more consistent than the thinner slicing blade results. You really get a better sliced product from a mandoline or by hand. Get yourself a nice mandoline. Check with the Cookware Board posters for recs.

              The shredder attachment is a different story, it's great. I have a shute for continuous shredding on my smaller Cuisinart and can shred mounds of cabbage, carrots, cheese, whatever. I still pull out my hand grater, though, for smaller jobs.

              1. re: bushwickgirl

                Thanks, bushwickgirl----always so helpful. Glad to know it is not just me.

          3. Some cheese needs to be "stiffened" up a little. Soft cheeses like mozarella benefit from 10 minutes in the freezer before they're fed into the tube and shredded.

            1. You don't say how old your Cuisinart is. Mine is very old! My original disks came with the shaft permanently attached, but later, when I wanted a greater variety of disks, they came with a removable stem which is pretty easy to figure out, and makes it MUCH easier to store multiple disks!.

              I have a fine grater, a course grater, several slicers of varying thickness, a French fry cutter (if you don't mind slightly curved French fries), a julliene blade,.. Ten disks in all, and I even have a "beater" that sits inside the bowl and super-whips things with a "planetary action." How fine a texture I want in something determines when I use it. With egg whites, for example, it produces an extremely fine texture. In fact, one of my favorite uses for it is one of the recipes that came with it that produces a fruit "chiffon" using frozen fruit and egg whites.

              The ONLY time I have ever had uneven slicing from the slicing blades has been when I have failed to use the "pusher" in the feed tube. For even slicing, pressure has to be applied. If you allow the food to "gravity feed," the force of the blade hitting the food will bounce it around resulting in uneven slices.

              I can make a tub of coleslaw in a minute that would take an hour and a half to shred by hand, and I have good knife skills. It's a miracle machine! '-)

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              1. re: Caroline1

                Two of the best uses: cole slaw, and shredding potatoes for potato pancakes. Everyone says how hard I must have worked, ha! It's my little secret.

                1. re: coll

                  I hear that! Pretty much the only time I get out my old Cuisinart's shredding disc is when I'm making latkes (potato pancakes). I can have the whole batch ready in seconds.