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Dec 7, 2006 10:25 PM

Otto Review-Reposted

I had originally posted this review on another thread but thought I would share it with a wider audience.I recently went to Otto with a family group of 6 for a celebration. I have been to Otto in the past but usually with my wife only. The evening worked out very well for our purposes, which was a fun, family gathering where we could each sample a lot of items. Good place for both adults and children. I wanted to share some hits and misses. First the hits:

Cheese Plate-Clearly the tables runaway consensus favorite. The side dishes, especially the honey and pepper, were terrific although some loved the black cherry and burgundy. I personally enjoy the cheese at Crispo more, however you can't beat the overall presentation and side flavors.

Antipasti- The fennel and tangerine salad was very good. We also ordered the grande version antipasti fish, which disappeared quickly. The mussels were particularly good.

Pizza- As always, their pepperoni pizza was very good. I always enjoy it. The quattro formaggi was okay, not a hit or miss.

Pasta-The spaghetti carbonara was better than expected. (once again, it is hard to beat Crispo on this dish). The winner, though, was the linguine pesto with broccoli rabe and basil. It was very good. My daughter did not like sharing that one.

Gelati- The olive oil never fails. Good as always. My son ordered the gorgonzola dolci gelati, just to see what it would taste like, and we all ended up enjoying it.

There were a few misses though, not many, but I wanted to mention them:

Antipasta Meat platter- With the exception of the salumi, we were a little disappointed. The prosciutto lacked any taste, and we tried but failed to like the testa and pancetta. Might be an acquired taste.

Caramel gelati-My daughter was so excited to try this but could not eat it. She expected something sweat but it had a very bitter taste. She ended up eating everyone elses.

Overall, the evening worked out better than planned. We all had a great time in a loud, but celebratory setting, and had a chance to try a lot of great food.

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  1. We ate there again last night (fifth time in the last couple of years). As always dependable, satisfying, and relatively affordable. One correctiona and a couple of additional comments/suggestions.

    Correction: I could be wrong but I think the black stuff in the honey is truffles and it is divine!

    Comments: If you are a cheese lover try the tallegio and funghi pizza - My favorite of the Seafood antipasti are the anchovies with croutons and scallions - try the black and white it is a basically a sundae made with a couple of their gelatos, whole macadamia nuts, and warm chocolate.

    1. O.P.- sorry to hear that your daughter didn't like the caramel... it's meant to be slightly bitter, true caramel flavor... not the sugary-sweet caramel of a snickers bar.

      centrejack- just to clarify, the "black and white" is made of milk chocolate chip gelato, creme fraiche sorbet, warm chocolate sauce with hazelnuts (not macadamia) and topped with whipped caramel crema.


      1. glad to hear folks are still enjoying this place. it is still one of my favorites in the city.