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So what's the next "new" hamburger creation by fast-food chains?

Seems like the old standby combo of patty with lettuce and tomato just won't cut it anymore for the hamburger peddlers at the fast-food chains.

We've now got the pastrami burger and the Philly Cheesesteak burger (Carl's Jr.), the up-and-coming Angus Burger (McDonald's and Burger King), the Sirloin Burger (Jack in the Box), and of course the tried-and-true iterations of bacon/guacamole,jalapeno, and cheese burgers that most fast-food places offer in one version or another.

Of course, we can't leave out simply going to extremes, as in adding more meat patties (Burger King Stackers or the In-N-Out double-double).

So what's next?

How about a Hamburger with Chicken Breast?

How about a Spam Burger -- a nice thick hamburger patty topped off with a slice of Spam?

Maybe a hamburger garnished with chopped liver? Or is that too exotic for the masses?

Burger with salami? Or pepperoni? Or maybe sliced up hotdogs a la a Chicago dog?

Your thoughts?

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  1. don't forget, at some fast food places you can order a monster burger.. its not on the menu, but you can get as many patties as you want, i had a friend order one with 12 patties.... that was an expensive burger

    1. There is a restaurant in NYC that sells a burger with chopped liver, although I have yet to have it. I can't imagine it would garner such a following as to be picked up by a chain. I also don't think I'd trust McDonald's chicken livers.

      I'm actually surprised more fast food places dont do fried eggs on burgers.

      I like the newishtrend of spicing up burgers. I love spicy food and think this country is tolerating more and more spices. Maybe we'll start seeing more pepperjack cheese, spice rubbed burgers, fried jalapeno strands on burgers, etc.

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      1. re: ESNY

        I think eggs and burgers are too close to breakfast food ... a la the McDonald's Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Doesn't Red Robin do a One Eye Burger with an egg on it? I've been to several diners where this was offered.

          1. re: monkeyrotica

            The Royal Red Robin has a fried egg on top and I have to say, it's divine. Absolutely hands down my favorite way to eat a burger. I have them add some raw white onion and try to get the last bite with all the toppings and the yolk.

        2. re: ESNY

          A place I go (not a chain), has a burger with a fried egg on top, they call it the "hangover burger".... jst what the dr. ordered some Saturdays for lunch..

          1. re: ESNY

            for a little trivia... burgers had eggs on them before they had lettuce and tomatoes.

          2. maybe westernized "ethnic" burgers, ie. burger w/ tahini sauce, terriyaki sauce, or korean bbq sauce? maybe fish sauce will somehow make its way into the mainstream (at least in my dreams).

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            1. re: S U

              a certain fish sauce is in the mainstream and has been for quite awhile :)

              it's called worcestershire sauce, and, in fact, is a frequent addition to...you guessed it...hamburgers

                1. re: aelph

                  I use worcestershire on all red meat, from burgers to filet mignon.

                2. re: S U

                  I've seen quite a few teri-burgers. I'm pretty sure one of the food booths at the S.F. Cherry Blossom Fest sells them. I know I've seen them in Hawaii. Tahini and other stuff would work as well.

                  BTW, Bongo Burger in Berkeley use to sell the Persian Burger...which was really a lamb kehob on a roll.

                3. There's always the good old Southern fried bologna. Looks like a buger, tastes like...I don't know what. Never had the nerve to try it.
                  And I'll bet you can find Spamburgers in Hawaii.

                  1. I'd tell ya, but then I'd have to kill ya. Alllll of youze! mwahahahahah.

                    ok. kidding. You heard it hear first, this ones a freebie. Next time I'll charge you. ;-)

                    Fanfare, trumpets, etc....

                    Stuffed Burgers. They got a pocket of "___________" inside. Maybe jalapeno/cheddar, mushroom/swiss, bacon/bleu cheese whatevr the market will bear.

                    The best part is that they can follow the Angus trend of precooking burgers and then just reheating at point of sale. So the chains get these prestuffed, precooked burgers and do a quickie reheat and then make loads of $$.

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                    1. re: krushdnasty

                      Matt's Bar in Minneapolis has been making these for decades. They're called "Jucy Lucys" and no, that's not a typo. God, I love a Jucy Lucy with a cold Leinie's.

                      1. re: Das Ubergeek

                        yeah, lots of folks have 'em. Most famously the DB Bistro Moderne burger. I have made stuffed burgers at home as well, albeit sans truffle!


                        "The restaurant's signature dish is a bit of an architectural marvel. The burger is shaped more like a baseball than a patty to accommodate almost three ounces of tender shredded short rib meat that has been braised overnight in a red wine, veal stock, mire poix and herbs; mixed with preserved truffles, chopped up bits of foie gras and stuffed inside seven ounces of ground sirloin steak."

                        I'm not saying stuffed burgers are novel. I'm saying its gonna be the "Next New Hamburger Creation" by the mega chain burger joints. Its cheap to produce, easy to premake off site, has enormous value added potential and is logically the next step for "specialty" stuffed burgers. It's like reganomics and the trickle down effect. Daniel Boulud has been making them for rich folks for $99, soon we peons can get a bastardized jalepeno/gloppy cheddar goo version for $5.99 at the mega chain.

                        It's inevitable. Don't fight it y'all.

                    2. Taco bell used to have a Taco Burger that I loved, Is' like to see one of them do a take off from that, maybe using a thin cut of meat marinade topped with tomato and cilantro fresca, and hot salsa...

                      And a pork or ground turkey thai burger. Once went to a Thai restaurant ( well I still do) that offered Thai Tacos, in a crunchy taco shell. They were good but they don't do them anymore.

                      The stuffed burger sounds great to me too!

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                      1. re: chef chicklet

                        I agree about a pork or turkey burger. The pork burger they could spice up, make it like the inside of a potsticker, with soy sauce, water chestnuts, ginger and green onion to flavor it. Turkey burger could be Thai style, as you noted - maybe a red curry sauce on it? Turkey is pretty versatile, and would be good with shrooms and cheese.

                        1. re: Seldomsated

                          Absolutely, I make what I call Thai Lettuce wraps with turkey, it takes all the flavors so well. The lime, the hot chile, the cilantro all the stuff I can taste. I prefer it much better than beef...for this dish.

                        1. re: Grubbjunkie

                          Now, that would be cool.

                          But could you imagine how much it would cost?!

                        2. I'm making this up but I know some place, somewhere serves it -- the ham and egg burger. Ultimately someone will trademark the Heart Attack Burger...and people will buy it.

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                          1. re: ML8000

                            The Shackburger from Santa Monica comes with Polish sausage and a fried egg, does that count?

                            1. re: Das Ubergeek

                              I'd say that counts. Do they serve it with sour kraut? :)

                              There's also the double pastrami swiss cheese burger at Pink's in LA. I think a chain already did a limited run.

                              1. re: monkeyrotica

                                Hahaha...geez, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Either it's a cheeky inside joke or they're idiots...possibly laughing all the way to the bank.

                              2. re: ML8000

                                Someone beat you to it.


                                The burgers aren't bad, but used to be better when they were cooked on a flat griddle instead of the automated grill thingie they use now. They also originally served it with a fried egg on it, but it was being requested off the burger more often than not so they axed it.

                              3. I've heard from a few people that Krispy Kreme is going to create a burger. Get this, they are going to make a burger with a krispy kreme doughnut as the bun. Hopefully it's not true, but if it is, WOW! That is disgusting

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                                1. re: camarokyle

                                  Tell me you wouldn't try one. Just tell me.

                                  I'm first in line for this one. I'm also legally insane, I think.

                                  1. re: Atlantis

                                    One of the minor league baseball parks has already done that. They split and grill a KK and put a burger and its assorted accoutrements on top. It sells very well, I believe. Prehaps next season they can get a local cardiologist to "sponsor" the burger.

                                  2. re: camarokyle

                                    They had that at the LA County Fair this year. It was a chicken sandwich (I think the chicken was fried, but not sure), with two original glazed KK's as the bun.

                                    I didn't try it myself, but others on the board did. Anyone?

                                        1. re: camarokyle

                                          thats almost as bad as the twinkie weiner sandwich

                                        2. The Chicken Fried Steak burger, 'smothered' in chicken gravy.

                                          I had this at a diner in Snoqualmie Washington. It was delicious, it was huge, it was so messy that once I picked it up I couldn't put it down even to have my fries, dripping sauce all over my hands and the roll disintegrating into a gravy-soaked mush. But I managed to eat it all.

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                                            1. re: JugglerDave

                                              There's a place here in Austin called Hillbert's that makes a Chicken Fried Steak burger; one of those and some homemade onion rings, mmmmmm.

                                            2. Of course I wouldn't try one. You must not know me, I am a healthy eater as it is (I don't eat fast foods at all and barely eat meat). I couldn't even imagine what a krispy kreme doughnut burger would do to your arteries, and I couldn't imagine that it would taste good. Although, back before I became a health-concsious eater, I did partake in deep freid twinkies and deep fried oreos. Those were awesome, lol.

                                              1. I'd go for a stuffed pork chop burger, myself.

                                                1. Turkey burgers would be an obvious one.

                                                  They are becoming fairly common in restaurants.

                                                  I don't know the machinations of fast food prep, but I would think that the same gear used to make hamburgers could be used to make turkey burgers -- and that would include places that make their patties fresh and those that use frozen patties that come from a commissary.

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                                                  1. re: PaulF

                                                    That'd keep me out of fast food joints for good--I can't stand the smell of ground turkey cooking!

                                                  2. Well it would be hard to get anywhere outside of New Jersey/New york, But a friend of mine and I used to get a Hamburger with Pork Roll (Taylor Ham) on top. for those of you that dont know, Pork roll is/are slightly pink greasy slices of pure heaven... lol

                                                    There is a place in Highland Park NJ called White Rose, great greasy place, (24/7), if anyone ever in the area, you should try it.... they would make it if you ordered it....
                                                    there is not a tastier, albeit (bad for you) treat....

                                                    someone mentioned the "stuffed" burger... i can see that taking off in a fast food joint. Only problem I see is in most fast food places the burgers are so thin, I'm not sure how they would stuff it.... maybe roll it up like a little hamburger burrito i guess lol..... But i can see the stuffed thing as an attention getter, the big pizza chains have been pushing things that are stuffed for a while, seems to work for them.

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                                                    1. re: anthonyG

                                                      Some of my guy friends were making pork roll burgers at picnics this summer actually. It was a bit frightening to watch....yet compelling.

                                                    2. Definitely deep fried burger. There's an Irish chipper in Alexandria that makes one. When that becomes popular, they'll certainly move up to the Scotch egg burger.

                                                      1. The brewery here makes this, its a take off from buffalo wings, called the buffalo burger with the blue cheese/beef burger. hot wing sauce and blue cheese on big bun. Very tasty!!

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                                                        1. re: chef chicklet

                                                          Yeah those types of "buffalo" burgers are really good. There are a few places around by me that make variations of the "buffalo" burger.

                                                          It really depends on their wing sauce if it is worth getting, but its hard to beat tastey wing sauce and blue cheese on a burger.. yum!

                                                          now if a fast food place could find a way to stuff that blue cheese and hot sauce inside the burger and find a way to cook it without it spilling all over the place... I'd probably try one... i would think that would be a very messy thing once you bit into it though..... :-)

                                                        2. Well, both Wendy's and Jack in the Box serve cibatta rolls perhaps a cheese burger on the cibatta with blue cheese as the cheese.

                                                          1. Down in Salt Lake City, there is a local burger chain called "Crown Burger". The house special burger is the one with pastrami on it. Been doing it for years and years. So, it's nothing new. Order a Crown Burger with fries and fry sauce.

                                                            The burger with the fried egg sounds a little like part of a Loco Moco, a Hawaiian breakfast. Hamburger patty, fried egg, rice, gravy. Someone in Hawaii surely has turned it into a "to go" meal on a bun...

                                                            1. We see alot more salamon burgers and veggie burgers offered on menus than ever before.

                                                              1. A hamburger on rye with bacon,onions and bleu cheese.

                                                                1. Pork Belly instead of Bacon, a nice thick slab. At least here in Seattle, Pork Belley wins for "trend of fall 2006".

                                                                  I think decadence is still in and will last for another year. So here's my List (keep in mind how absurd fast food would make these):

                                                                  - Sweetbread burger
                                                                  - Duckfat Burger (with a schmear of pure duckfat on the hot toasted bun)
                                                                  - Demi-Glace Sauce
                                                                  - Chantrelles

                                                                  Personally I would love it if turket burgers became as prevalent in seattle as they are in L.A.

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                                                                  1. re: dnamj

                                                                    Pork belly is bacon, it is what bacon is cut from, the only differences are in thickness.

                                                                      1. re: malibumike

                                                                        Of course it starts out the same, but it's the thickness that I was actually referring to. Maybe a thickness roughly equal to the burger itself, rather than a skimpy piece of Bacon.

                                                                      2. re: dnamj

                                                                        I agree,turkey is more satisfying with less calories.If burger place started doing that they'd be rich.

                                                                        1. re: billjriv

                                                                          turkey only has less calories if it's leaner, just like lean beef. The turkey at those places often has as much fat as typical ground chuck. Check out the comparison of calories between the beef and turkey patties at fatburger.


                                                                      3. A Burger injectrd with BBQ sauce?

                                                                        1. maybe Iowa specialties should become the Next Big Thing...

                                                                          You have your loosemeat, at places like Maid-Rite in Iowa or Nu-Way down in Wichita. Ground beef cooked and seasoned then on a burger with pickles, onion and mustard (that's how I like them, anyway).

                                                                          And you have your pork burgers: Ground pork patties on buns with BBQ sauce and bread & butter pickles.

                                                                          Little greasy spoon cafe here in town serves something they call a "Princess Burger," not quite as loose as loosemeat, but not formed into a pattie, sauteed with onions and peppers with cheese on a hoagie bun with mustard. (They also have a King Burger, your basic monstrous double with everything, and a Queen Burger, a little smaller with some other fixings.)

                                                                          1. Check out the menu at this Canadian chain: http://www.worksburger.com/

                                                                            1. Perhaps the bean burger? Not a new thing since it's been a speciality of San Antonio for over 50 years: a burger that includes refritos plus Fritos or some variety of crispy tortilla and Cheese Wiz in addition to the regular hamburger patty and onions. Sort of a combination of All-American and Tex-Mex and very tasty. Also available with onion rings. There are only a couple of places that serve them here in Houston.

                                                                              The pimiento cheese burger? A specialty of some parts of the South.

                                                                              I'm seeing more and more buffalo burgers at hamburger joints here as well as grilled onion burgers; the latter were very rare until a few years ago although no place that I know of has started offering them with the onions mashed into the meat patty a la El Reno, OK's, famous places.

                                                                              Venezuelan eateries here offer the hamburguesa Venezuelan style which includes slices of deli ham a la the old Roy Rogers burger plus avocado, garlic sauce and soft white cheese.

                                                                              1. Ground Turkey/Chicken with cheese in the middle of the patty.