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Dec 7, 2006 10:17 PM

Homemade pasta sauce in toronto...

I'm by no means a chef, and am not very good at making a white pasta sause from scratch. The regular jared and packaged sauces are not anything close to the real thing. Is there anywhere in toronto that makes fresh pasta sauce daily? Please help, im so tired of the packaged crap.

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  1. Bruno's Fine Foods and Pusateri's uptown ( Lawrence and Avenue ) have good stuff...Bruno's have quite a few locations. Check them out at

    1. There's a pasta place on Yonge, on the east side just north of Millwood. Sorry - I forget the name, and I haven't been in for more than a year, but I think it's still there. When we lived in the neighbourhood we regularly bought sauces and noodles from them - made on premises and very good.

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        It's called Pasta Pantry and the owner Carlo can hook you up!

        He makes not only great sauces, but also fresh pasta, lasagne trays and soups.

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          carlo is adorable and makes great pasta and sauces!

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            I agree completely about Carlo and his amazing soups, sauces and pasta. The cream of mushroom soup is the best I've ever had. It's so rich and creamy I used it as a sauce on the pasta - very yummy! The shop is on Yonge, just north of Belsize.

      2. the Italian place in the downstairs part of SLM (SE corner) makes good sauces

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          i second that! Sometimes some great squash raviolis too.

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            Make it 3. It's called Pasta Mia and I'm a fan of their spinach & ricotta ravioli. Great sauces without the How Much Is That?!?! feeling of Pusateri's.

        2. continental noodles, jane and lawrence.
          Fresh pasta,
          homemade lasagna's
          fresh stuffed pasta
          frozen gnocchi
          lots of sauces
          cannelonni, etc. . . .
          -they supply to many restaurants in Toronto, A must visit for pasta lovers

          1. Pastissima-on Yonge, about 1/2 a block South of Sporting Life. Great Sauces, fresh made noodles,and great fozen lasagna/caneloni. At lunch they have great and reasonably priced grilled sanwich/salad or pasta/salad combos. It's been there for years and has been consistenly good for ever.