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Dec 7, 2006 10:15 PM

Latke Conversion

Can any fried latke recipe be converted to an oven-baked recipe? Maybe some time under the broiler to brown them?


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  1. I have seen a recipe for baked latkes before. It may have been either in Cooking Light or Eating Well. You might check their websites.

    1. If it's necessary for health reasons I'm sure you could do it. But since the whole point of Hanukkah foods is food cooked in oil, why bake?

      1. Couple of basic rules in Jewish holiday cooking. There is no such thing as "Lite." Latkes are in oil. Heh we used to do it in duck fat so cooking in Canola is lite my my definition.

        Go to Sammy's in NYC. Not only do they place a scoop of chopped liver on the table they then mix in some Schmaltz. Oh Vay, its great.

        Apple pie a la Lipitor for dessert please.