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Dec 7, 2006 10:13 PM

A Romantic Dinner that doesn't suck??

I have a special someone who's birthday is coming up, and I'd like to take her to a really nice restaurant that we haven't been to yet.

She's always wanted to try Lawry's, but her friend and I have convinced her that it won't be as good as she imagines it to be (even though I haven't been there myself, her friend has though), and from my understanding. Lawry's is NOT romantic, unless you're on a corporate lunch affair w/ your secretary or something I guess.

Her friend suggested that I try taking her to Orange Hill, but after reading the reviews on CitySearch, I'm very hesitant to do so.

Her friend just graduated from the California School of Culinary Arts, and although I don't quite have the same taste in certain foods as she does, I do take her suggestions in to consideration. Unfortunately, due to prior experiences with her suggestions, I now question her opinions a lot more.

I'm just curious for some other suggestions.

I've been to the Stinky Rose and was very disappointed. It seems most of the places people rave about never seem to live up to the hype, although I really have no expectations (except good food).

Is there a place that accomplishes both good food AND a nice romantic view?

I'd rather be somewhere near the beach. Price is not an issue.


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  1. You could try Geoffrey's in Malibu. View is wonderful and the food's not bad.

    1. Near the beach? How about JER-NE in Marina Del Rey?

      GEOFFREY'S in Malibu is also lovely, but the food sometimes can be a bit uneven. Can't beat the setting though.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        I was going to say the same thing.

        Agree on the view and the setting, it's great, can't really be beat.

        I think the food is good. It's not (to use the parlance of this message board) "The Best." But it's good. And it's not super expensive.

        And you can have a drink and watch the sun set.

      2. A lot of people find Beaurivage romantic. It's on PCH in Malibu but not on the beach side. I find the food pretty good but alas not as good as you would expect by the prices:

        Beaurivage Restaurant
        26025 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265
        (310) 456-5733

        Been to Geoffery's, which is right over the beach, and found it romantic and okay. I prefer going in the summer and sitting out on the patio where you can hear the waves crashing on the rocks below:

        Geoffrey's Malibu
        27400 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265
        (310) 457-1519

        My personal favorite is in Beverly Hills:

        Ilcielo Italian Gardens Restaurant
        9018 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
        (310) 276-9990

        They have a nice patio in front but I request the side patio where there are a couple of tables for 2 that are somewhat isolated. Tell them when you reserve if that's what you want.
        Also, while some on this board take exception, I found I really liked everything I've ever ordered there. I love their Cesear salad a lot.

        Good luck. Report back

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        1. re: LesThePress

          2nd Il Cielo - used to go there for free often on biz. Then moved away, changed jobs, happened upon it recently - still excellent.

          I love Il Cielo for romance and good food - there is one table in the back that in kind-of in it's own little nook, looks like the perfect place to even propose.

        2. One Pico at Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica has great food and a nice view.

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          1. re: S DAG

            I used to be a BIG fan of One Pico, but my most recent visit left me a bit non-plussed, if not straight up disappointed.

            Eggs were overcooked, french toast came out soggy, and the juice ... what happened to the juice!!???

            Maybe it was a one time flub ... who knows.

          2. Well, three suggestions for beach type stuff -- there's The Lobster in Santa Monica, Sapori in Marina del Rey, or if you're up for a bit of a drive, the Beachcomber Cafe at Crystal Cove in Newport Coast.

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            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              The Lobster in Santa Monica is the loudest restaurant I think I've ever been to. Personally, I don't find it romantic at all.