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Dec 7, 2006 09:27 PM

Jerusalem artichokes


I want to try some Jerusalem artichokes in my beef stew. Are they easy to find? I have no clue because I've never cooked with them. I live at Wilson and Bathust, BTW. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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  1. Hi...I saw them yesterday at Loblaws at St Clair and Bathurst...$2.99/lb....they could be good in stew...peeled and diced or sliced...a cross between parsnips and turnip to me..they are also called sun chokes... a root vegetable...Good Luck...Miranda

    1. Pusateri's at Avenue & Lawrence will have them. They're around in the top shops.

      1. Most of the fancy shops have them. I usually scrub them, don't bother peeling, and toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper and then roast them with some unpeeled garlic. If I'm feeling really fancy, then I'll puree them with some butter--insanely good.

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          Questions about Jerusalem Arichokes.

          They were in our garden when we moved in. They spread like mad and took over 2 years to eradicate. I agree they're pretty good and are very nutritious - also, their starch is reduced to sugar only after reaching the digestive tract making them extremely beneficial to diabetics. This property also results in heavy flatulence.

          Why did I eradicate them? They take up too much room; I'd rather use that room for things I like better; and the plant grows wild nearby. The first frost has passed so their tubers are now at their best - I may dig some this weekend. If you have a supply the tubers can be dug all winter.

          What we have here is a type of sunflower. Each plant produces numerous tubers that mature at the end of fall. When the plant flowers in late summer the bloom resembles a small sunflower about 6 inches or so in diameter and they smell of chocolate.

          My question is this: does anyone know if the seeds are edible?

          A corollary question would be, "Do sunflowers cast tubers also, and if so, are they edible?"