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Dec 7, 2006 09:24 PM

Fort Myers area

Will be in Fort Myers in mid-February. Any suggestions as to fine dining within 10 miles?

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  1. Not in any order

    The Veranda

    1. Bistro 41 and Blu Sushi. Thirsty Whale on Ft. Myers Beach with fun upstairs deck and great fried grouper.

      1. Sunshine Seafood Cafe is excellent with an excellent hand with seafood. Triple tail is awesome here. If they have it, get it.

        Harolds on Bay is pretty good with little competition in the "River District". The room is dated looking and the food is often overly rich.

        The Veranda is nice but nothing special other than its lovely buildings. Piano bar is a throwback and the clientele leans towards the elderly and local law crowd. Good service.

        Bistro 41 at Bell Tower. I prefer this to Cru which tries entirely too hard to be "hip"

        Fort Myers desparately needs some good restaurants. I eat out a lot here and it is quite frustrating to get a good meal.