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Dec 7, 2006 09:18 PM

New Thai Resto in Durham

Hi folks,

Just got a call from my good friend suse, who was in front of the former location of Esposito's in Durham (on Univ. Drive, behind Target). Evidently Esposito's is now closed, and the sign in the window was advertising "Help Wanted" for a new Thai restaurant!! They listed a website (, which I checked out. The outfit opening this restaurant is a Thai cooking school called "Spice of Life" that has been operating out of Raleigh. Has anybody heard of it? Is there some talent behind the scenes at this place? I sooo hope so. To have a great Thai restaurant in what is essentially my back yard would do fantastic things for my quality of life!

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  1. I know a few things about this place (if indeed this is the same place, I heard it was 'near Saladelia'), because the owners just moved in to my neighborhood, just down the street from me.

    I think the name is supposed to be the Wicked Noodle or something like that. From what I hear, the owners are experienced in ventures like this (I think possibly they have other restaurants in California?), though they're not moguls or anything (we live on a rather modest Durham street). I'll try to find out more soon.

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      Drove by this the other day and noticed that they have their sign up. I got the name slightly wrong, it's actually Twisted Noodle. Looking forward to its opening.

    2. Wow, what great access to the inside scoop! It's definitely the same place. Please do report back if and when you are able to get more information. From what I can tell on the website, it looks like they are planning to deliver. This is beginning to sound too good to be true!

      1. I have seen their website in the past. Good to see them moving to Durham and trying their hand in the restaurant business.

        1. I've taken a few cooking classes from the guy -- my impression was that he was very talented, used good ingredients, and made good food ... but at the end of the class, he would try to sell stuff, and the markup vs. Grand Asia or Asia Market was quite high (I remember Pocky for $5.) I know, a man's gotta make a living, so take from that what you will.

          1. I stopped by today and spoke with one of the owners, Jak. Seemed like a very nice guy. He said that they're bringing in a chef from CA, but I didn't get a lot of details. They are aiming to open up sometime mid-January, but from the looks of things they still have a lot of work to do. I think it has the potential to be a good space though. I hope they will set a higher bar for the quality of the food than the other Thai restaurants around, most of which are by and large disappointing.

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              Anyone know whether they've opened yet?

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                Haven't driven by there in a couple of weeks, but I see that they have a website: which says they will have online ordering. Also they've got a sampling of their menu options up:

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                  Was by there this past weekend - it is not open yet.