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Dec 7, 2006 08:49 PM

Crispo, Il Bastardo, or Gonzo

Looking for a casual, mid-priced dinner for a weeknight evening(Wednesday). Any thoughts on these three? We are not looking for a "scene", or to be blown away. We would like soild food, within a reasonable price range. Thanks

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  1. Crispo is great. I haven't been to Gonzo. I've been to Il Bastardo for drinks and once for dessert. It strikes me as overpriced and a wannabe scene.

    1. Crispo is your best bet, great food, very consistent. I also like Gonzo but my last trip there was a little disappointing.I have not been to Il Bastardo.

      1. last trip to gonzo was terrible - love crispo

        1. Definitely Crispo. Start with the asparagus with prociutto and parmesan (I dream about it). Gonzo's just mediocre.

          1. love crispo! they have a caramelized cauliflower side dish that is AWESOME. and brussel sprouts. whole fish very good too.