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Dec 7, 2006 08:37 PM

Smoked Ham

How long can u keep an uncooked smoked ham in the fridge b4 it goes bad?

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  1. If it is cryovaced indefinitely. Opened about a couple of weeks before it starts smelling like dirty feet.

    1. A truly smoked ham is almost indefinite, as long as it has not been cut open. Old fashioned hams are salted and then smoked as part of the preservation process. Most hams are now injected with only smoke added for a flavoring, and not a true preservative.

      1. Just to bump up this thread ….

        I thawed an Omaha Steaks Smoked Boneless Fully Cooked Ham for Thanksgiving, but we had so much food that I never took it out of its packaging.

        How soon until I need to consume the ham now that it has been thawed? Will it last until Christmas?

        No info on longevity on the Omaha Steaks website…

        Thank you all!