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Dec 7, 2006 08:24 PM

wine bottle carrier

Ever go on a picnic or to a dinner party and you wished you had a little two-bottle carrying case for your wine bottles?
I would like one and need help finding one.

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    1. International Wine Accessories has a few different types.

      1. Are you looking for something fancy or just functional? Here's a functional one that's on sale:

        Some nicer ones:

        1. Built NY are perfect:

          they are made from neoprene, they cushion and insulate, they are washable and foldable, durable, come in nice colors and stretch to accomodate different size/shape bottles. Come in 1-bottle and 3-bottle varieties, too. My local Costco had stacks of them last month.

          1. Robert Parker is selling what are supposed to be some pretty nice ones from his site