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Dec 7, 2006 07:56 PM

Blue Oyster Grill North Miami

Went to the Blue Oyster Grill in North Miami for lunch today. They are open about a month and occupy the same space as the original Mark's. The last occupant was a Brazilian spot. Nice remodeling. Pleasant ambiance. Lunch entrees come with soup or salad. I had the cream of mushroom soup and my wife had the salad. Both excellent. She ordered the fish of the day which was trout in a mango sauce. I had the cioppino. Both large portions and very tasty. Hers was $13 and mine $12. Very good value and excellent taste. Nice moderately priced international wine list with most bottles under $40 and some half bottles which is unusual to see in South Florida. We can't wait to try them for dinner. Blue Oyster Grill is at 2286 NE 123rd St. in North Miami near the Broad Causeway. Telephone 305 892 8000.

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  1. Any relation to the members of Blue Oyster Cult??? Don't Fear the Reaper...Godzilla....Burnin' For You...among many other classics!!!

    Let's hope their food is as good as their music and lazer light show!

    1. Seeing as it is a relative of Oggi and Cafe Da Vinci I was curious. Was worried it would be too formal and pricey. Glad to see a different theme than Italian/Thai/Sushi near the Broad Causeway/Surfside area. Someone has to get an imagination. Surfside/Bal Harbour has five Italian restaurants in a three block vicinity, not to mention what's just west on the causeway. Three Thai and/or sushi places. Two French bakeries on Bay Harbor Islands...

      Okay, having that rant out of the way. What is the menu like? Raw bar?

      Could someone open a nice Dean & DeLuca type cafe (sandwich/salad/wine bar) here. Please? We just want variety people.