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indian grocery

looking for an indian grocery or market. I live on the northshore but go to quincy quite often. So anywhere north of quincy would be great.

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  1. There is at least one good one on Moody St in waltham

    1. There is a very good one in Woburn, just off Main St. Also a decent one in Norwood and Kam Man is now carrying a small section of Indian stuff in the produce dept.

      1. It is not quite north of Quincy, and is instead just South of it. But there is an Indian Grocery store on Route 53/Quincy Ave in Braintree. It is called South Shore Indian market. It is in a small strip mall on the south bound side of 53...about a 5 minute drive south down 53 from Quincy Center.

        1. There's an Indian grocery store next to Hong Kong Cafe on Hancock St (or maybe 2-3 doors down) in Quincy. I don't go there often so I can't remember the name unfortunately, but the owners there are really nice.

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            It may be called "New Kashmir" (if I recall correctly).

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              You're right. I passed by this weekend and checked to make sure.

          2. There is an Indian grocery right smack in the middle of Central Square. Parking a block away in the Green Street garage is $1/hour.

            1. Closer to the north shore, Malden has a good Indian grocery - India Bazzar - it's on main street next to spice 'n hot.

              1. In Burlington on Rt 3A, across from the highschool football field, is China Merchandise, which also carries lots of Indian items as well, considering the local population. If you're headed out 3A, you will see on your right something called Metro - go into that parking lot. It's hard to see C.M. from the road until you're past it.

                There's another shop in the same complex, Eastern Spice, I think, that's run by Indians but seldom open. I see lots of Indians in the Chinese store, which is really pan-Asian.

                1. update: thank you for all the recs! we ended up going to Hot Breads in Woburn (great indian/UK inspired baked goods) and then to china merch/eastern spice in burlington. China merch was great b/c my husband picked up all his fav chinese/viet snacks and I got some great indian treats.
                  We wrapped up our indian road trip with take out from anmol in beverly (great indian food and super nice staff).

                  everything was really convenient from the north shore. The indian market in malden looked decent too (we went for viet food and walked by)