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Dec 7, 2006 07:25 PM

Tuna Fish Sandwiches in OC

Okay,this makes no sense and I can't imagine how it came to be,but I've recently developed a craving for tuna fish sandwiches,and am on a quest to find the best one in OC.I think this obsession came about during my wifes recent pregnancy, where she also had a craving for tuna sandwichs,but,on the advice of her doctor, was unable to partake .I really dislike mayo,so the real wet sandwiches ,or those w/ a high mayo content,are on the bottom of the scale.Any suggestions are appreciated,and will do my best to try them all.

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  1. My absolute fave tuna melt (does that count?) is johnny rocket's

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    1. re: ml22

      I also am collecting tuna melt recs,as they are also part of the hunt.

    2. Try the tuna burger at Gulfstream in Newport Beach

      1. I second Gulfstream.

        The best tuna sandwich I've had recently was at Gypsy Den at the lab in CM. I'm also not a huge fan of Mayo, and I felt they kept that under control.

        1. I used to get the tuna sandwich at the Shake Shack on PCH in Newport Coast. It wasn't anything great, but the location and scenery made it seem special. Haven't been back there since Ruby's bought it out though

          1. I did try that recently,and it wasn't bad....I would give it about a 6.5

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              R&D Cafe has one on the menu. I haven't had it, but I have enjoyed everythings else on the menu. My some other Chowhounds can comment on R&D's version.