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Dec 7, 2006 07:21 PM

Organic Brown Sugar - Seems different from non-organic in texture. How about taste?

Saw some on the shelf today but was hesitant to buy it because it looked so different from regular brown sugar. It did not appear to be moist but instead looked like large grained regular white sugar, only light brown in color.
If anyone uses it can you fill me in? Does it cook the same etc?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm sure it depends on the manufacturer and where you buy it. Trader Joe's organic brown sugar is basically as good as any and compares exactly to non-organic in my opinion. Also love their organic raw/turbinado sugar. Not sure if you have Trader Joe's in your area.

    1. What you're describing (large grained, light brown) sounds more like turbinado sugar ("Sugar in the Raw") rather than true brown sugar.

      1. Thanks for your replies. My description wasn't very good, actually. Sorry about that! It looked more like graham cracker crumbs than turbinado sugar. Sounds weird, I know, but it looks really dry but not crystalized. I think the bag said it was "free-flowing" or something like that. Guess I'll head to Trader Joe's and get something more familiar.

        Thank you!

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          are you sure it's not sucanat? to me sucanat does look sort of like graham cracker crumbs, but it tends to solidify slightly when stored... It doesn't really feel sticky to the touch, but it does stick together in my storage container. Breaks apart easily for scooping though.

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            Sounds like what Domino markets as "Brownulated"

          2. There are no standards for sugar terminology.
            Brown may just denote a color of sugar rather than "brown sugar" that is the familiar product available in American grocery stores and used for baking. There are no standards for the size of the crystals that make it turbinado or demerrara or any other of the various names. "Sugar in the Raw" is a trademarked brand name.
            Confused yet?
            What varies among all these brown sugars or raw sugars is the amount of molasses in them (and the source of the molasses) which determines the amount of moisture and the flavor. Most "brown sugar" of the type you would want for baking is made from white sugar with the molasses added back in, which allows for the greatest degree of product standardization. If you didn't have some way of knowing from one batch of cookies to the next what you were dealing with, you could never predict how something would turn out.
            It is possible to adjust your recipes to use any product. You just have to consistently use the same thing and hope the product is consistent as well.

            1. If you want the best brown sugar - use organic regular sugar and smash in molasses with a fork. 2-4 T per cup depending on the darkness you want. Sooo much better.

              Demerara sugar is the darkest, richest, most molasses-y brown sugar I've ever used - this combination I'm suggesting comes close.