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Dec 7, 2006 07:13 PM

Papa Razzi Restaurants - Uncommonly nice experience

I keep getting more and more impressed with Papa Razzi and the other restaurants in their group. We go to the one in Hanover, MA and on Newbury St, Boston. The food and atmosphere is nice, but it's the high quality of the people and the service that is hard to believe.

Yes, I sound like a phony, but I had to think of a way to express how well they've treated us, and consistently. I posted about it on my blog:

The main point is that we're not high rollers or anything, but we just got a personally written thank you card in the mail! We didn't even order dessert :) It said,

"Thank you for choosing Papa Razzi’s for your dining ‘on the road.’ I hope your trip home to Truro went well. Please, join us again.

Thank you, Julie. “

So anyway, I think you can't do better than Papa Razzi for an all-around dining experience. Good for locals, for travelers, lots of choices, kid-friendly but not overrun by kids, etc.

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  1. I have to say, I have a friend who really likes to go to Papa Razzi and I have gone on a couple of occasion with her to the one on Newbury Street. I have always sat at the bar and found the service to be very friendly, the food to be pretty good with reasonable prices and big portions.

    1. My SO likes Papa Razzi much more than I do. We do go to the Cambridgeside location from time to time. I agree with you in that the service is more than I expect and the portions are large. It's not my idea of a decent Italian dinner but it's not bad assuming you're not looking for anything fancy. It's a step above Olive Garden.

      1. I'm originally from New Jersey and have only eaten at the Papa Razzi there, but i have always had great experiences. I mean, i have had better Italian food, but sometimes, for something quick and decent its NOT bad!

        1. What a Paparazzi love-fest. I was brought to the one in Back Bay once and thought it was surprisingly OK too. Haven't felt much impetus to go back ironically. Maybe if I had kids...

          1. I had a fantastic frozen zabaglione with strawberries at the one in Back Bay last year.