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Dec 7, 2006 06:57 PM

Chocolate for Mom -- Suggestions Please

Mom is a chocoholic -- even her license plate is personalized "CHOCLT." She prefers dark over milk, and isn't thrilled by added nuts, fruits, or liquers. She is disciplined and enjoys and shares the occasional truffles or artistically decorated pieces, which are preferred over bars. But it is hit-and-miss; she has enjoyed some of the simpler confections over some of the more expensive. Depth of the chocolate flavor seems to be key.

I'd like to send her some chocolate for the holidays. She lives in St. Louis, if that matters. I'd like to hear people's suggestions as to mail-order chocolates or truffles that might really make her smile. Price isn't necessarily the key -- she has enjoyed some from Trader Joes and Sees, it seems, as much as a couple of the hoity-toity artisinal chocolate I've sent her. Your experiences, and even weblinks, would be appreciated.

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  1. my favourite place in toronto is soma chocolate. i know they do mail order, so i dont think there would be a problem in sending them to the states. david concentrates on origin chocolates, so you can get single origin bars made from cocoa from around the world. (he processed and roasts the cocoa beans himself) their website gives a good idea of the different gifts and ideas


      Most chocolate lovers have their favs, mine is John and Kiras. They ship, they are artists and for a seasoned choc-o-holic worth every bite!

      Happy Shopping!

      1. Chocolate Potpourri out of Chicago is fabulous! Especially their chocolate toffee. Here's the web site:

        1. I felt that the offerings from Holl's were special. Take a look.

          1. try

            They are out of Petaluma CA. They have chocolate Voodoo dolls, chocolate paint, less racy chocolate items.

            They also sell a giant apple (non GMO) chocolate carmel covered that you can slice like a pie.