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Chocolate for Mom -- Suggestions Please

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Mom is a chocoholic -- even her license plate is personalized "CHOCLT." She prefers dark over milk, and isn't thrilled by added nuts, fruits, or liquers. She is disciplined and enjoys and shares the occasional truffles or artistically decorated pieces, which are preferred over bars. But it is hit-and-miss; she has enjoyed some of the simpler confections over some of the more expensive. Depth of the chocolate flavor seems to be key.

I'd like to send her some chocolate for the holidays. She lives in St. Louis, if that matters. I'd like to hear people's suggestions as to mail-order chocolates or truffles that might really make her smile. Price isn't necessarily the key -- she has enjoyed some from Trader Joes and Sees, it seems, as much as a couple of the hoity-toity artisinal chocolate I've sent her. Your experiences, and even weblinks, would be appreciated.

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  1. my favourite place in toronto is soma chocolate. i know they do mail order, so i dont think there would be a problem in sending them to the states. david concentrates on origin chocolates, so you can get single origin bars made from cocoa from around the world. (he processed and roasts the cocoa beans himself) www.somachocolate.com. their website gives a good idea of the different gifts and ideas

    1. http://www.johnandkiras.com

      Most chocolate lovers have their favs, mine is John and Kiras. They ship, they are artists and for a seasoned choc-o-holic worth every bite!

      Happy Shopping!

      1. Chocolate Potpourri out of Chicago is fabulous! Especially their chocolate toffee. Here's the web site:


        1. I felt that the offerings from Holl's were special. Take a look.

          1. try http://celadongifts.com

            They are out of Petaluma CA. They have chocolate Voodoo dolls, chocolate paint, less racy chocolate items.

            They also sell a giant apple (non GMO) chocolate carmel covered that you can slice like a pie.

            1. Bissingers is a st louis tradition and the makers of really good chocolate. Their dark chocolate is as good as any I've had anywhere (Belgium, New York, SF) You can order at www.bissingers.com.

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                I would second Bissinger"s in St. Louis. Hubby & I were in St. Louis Easter weekend and one of our first stops was Bissinger's! We're especially fond of their dark chocolate malted milk balls. Bissinger's easily stands up to any chocolate I've gotten in NYC.

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                  I would think if she lives in St. Louis that chococolate from St. Louis wouldn't be as big a treat as chocolate from elsewhere -- if she's a big chocoholic she's probably very famliar with the local scene.

                  I'd get a sampler of single-origin chocolates from one of the European makers (or a sampler of chocolate from a single origin -- like Chauo or Madagascar -- from different makers).

                  (And yes, I know, this is a moot point, since the original post was in December -- but Mother's Day is coming up!).

              2. A couple of thoughts:

                First, Chocosphere.com (http://www.chocosphere.com ) generally has an excellent selection, great service, and is a really fun place to shop if you're into chocolate. A gift certificate or membership in the "Chocolate of the Month Club" there might be good, or you could pick out something for her. They have a very good selection. Chocolate is sort of a personal thing, and I obviously don't know your mom's tastes, but some of my favorites are the Santander bitter sweet bars (both the 65% and the 70%), the Domori Blend No. 1, and the Guittard "Coucher du Soleil" bittersweet chocolate. (I tend to like strong, not too sweet, bitter sweet chocolate, and I'm put off by high acidity.


                Second, L.A. Burdick in New Hampshire (http://www.burdickchocolate.com/ ) does really nice stuff, and the chocolate flavors tend to be nice and strong. Also, their presentation is gorgeous. One thing about Burdick chocolates that I've noticed, however, is that because they use fresh cream, they don't last more than a week or two without refrigeration (which often doesn't help the chocolate any either).

                Third, Pierre Marcolini, in New York, (http://pierremarcolini-na.com/index.asp? ) makes some really excellent, really intense, chocolates, including a variety of single origin and blended bean dark chocolate bars.

                One final suggestion is Max Brenner, which used to be available through Chocosphere, but now is starting to be sold (not as well, in my view) through their New York boutique: http://www.maxbrenner.com/ . Great, great, chocolate candies, with wonderful flavors and an excellent, fun presentation. I've literally never tasted a Max Brenner chocolate that didn't bowl me over.

                Hope this is of some help. Please do let us know what you decide to do and how mom likes it.

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                  Huge 2nd to Burdick (their chocolate mice & penguins are a uniquely charming) and to Pierre Marcolini for ultra high quality chocolate.

                  I'd add Richart for elegance & extraordinary quality as well....http://www.richart-chocolates.com/

                  Haven't tried Brenner or chocosphere, so can't comment....

                2. You could check out Jacques Torres for an artisanal spin...his stores stock about 40 kinds of reasonably-priced truffles which you can control the selection of.

                  Keep in mind that since Hershey's purchased the ScharffenBerger brand, they have begun (for better or worse) to dabble in upscale goods. Some CH Boarders have argued that S-B has diminished in quality, but then Hershey's has also been marketing its' own "CACAO RESERVE - 65%" bars...two bucks or so per bar at Walgreen's, strikes me as a bargain.

                  Trader Joe's carries a VALRHONA selection at half the price of Dean & DeLuca's (NY) and other high-end markets.

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                    Second Jacques Torres. You can switch up the gift by adding the spicy hot chocolate mix, if she enjoys that.

                  2. I second chocosphere.com. Great bars from all over the world. Excellent selection & service.

                    1. I love Chuao chocolates, they've got some of the most innovative and delicate truffles I've seen. I think they're only in southern california, but they do have an online store. They can be a little pricey, but if you're comparing them to Godiva, I think the quality is far superior.


                      Might be a little late for christmas.... maybe mother's day?

                      1. i'M A TRUE FAN, I ADMIT, but I think ordering personalized M&M's is a really cute idea. Now that they're in Dark chocolate your Mom might get a kick out of them. www.m&m.com

                        1. My favorites are from Richart and Maison du Chocolate, both of which are available online. Richart makes floral infused ones that are to die for.

                          1. If someone were to go online and order me a dozen truffles from Teuscher, I would be very, very happy.

                            1. My best recommendation would be to order from Aux Petits Delices. Not too sweet, very rich, real French butter... And you can get them in very pretty, nicely giftable boxes.


                              1. Woodhouse Chocolates out of St. Helena California have some of the best chocolates i've ever had. They offer a selection of "mostly dark chocolate" or just look at what they have an order the exact pieces you want. They have one that tastes like a mini-bite of the best chocolate pecan pie you've ever eaten.