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Dec 7, 2006 06:52 PM

EN Shochu Bar / Brasserie - Anyone Check It Out?

As a fan of shochu I have been meaning to get out of Williamsburg to check out EN Shochu Bar but haven't had made the move yet. Has anyone been to this newly opened section of EN Brasserie? Also, I have never been to the restaurant. How is the food there?


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  1. Interesting: i didn't hear about the shochu bar...i went to EN once, about a year and half ago, and i was very disappointed: icy service, sand/dirt in the salad, poorly cut sashimi...the space is nice and yuba was tasty, but not nice&tasty enough to justify the bad dishes and the pretentiousness...but i suppose i'd check out their shochu bar and just order very carefully...

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      It was mentioned by Frank Brunii or someone in the Times. EN is a chain restaurant in Japan. It's like a Houston's of izakayas.

      1. re: Simon

        I've been to EN a few times and I didn't experience any of the problems you mentioned.

        That said, I also didn't try the sashimi, I personally stuck to the cooked foods. The service was friendly and welcoming when I was there.

        I would recommend their fresh tofu, their fried chicken, and the Berkshire pork dish. The room is huge and has a very serene feel. I've never heard of this new Shochu bar though.