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Dec 7, 2006 06:50 PM

Sweet Garlic in Monrovia?

Anyone ever been to this Thai restaurant in Monrovia? It used to be a Thai restaurant under a different name. I forget what the old place was, but it had decent Thai for a decent price.

How is it now? It looks a bit fancier than the old place, but how are the prices and food?

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  1. A co-worker brought it in for work! Good stuff overall, though the spice level is a bit toned down (not sure if co-worker intentionally requested that or if the restaurant did it.) The curry is a bit runny though and didn't mix with the rice well.


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      This place was good. Been there many, many times until it closed...Well actually moved to Pasadena. The building says that another Thai restaurant is going to replace it. Hope it is at least as good.

    2. Hi,

      We've been there several times, it's very good. Better than the previous tenant. Nice people too.

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        How are the lunch prices? I remember the previous tenant had lunch specials for under $10.

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          I've only been there for dinner, not for lunch, sorry! I tried to find an online menu (because I don't remember the prices), but couldn't find one. I remember that I thought they were reasonable though.

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            My last visit was probably 6 months ago and they had lunch specials at that time, all below $10.

        2. I go there pretty often. Their curry dishes are mediocre compare to other Thai places in the neighborhood(i.e. Saladang or Presidents Thai) but the noodle dishes are pretty good. I almost always order the Drunken Noodle when I go there.

          1. Any idea why they closed down?! This used to be our favorite place for Thai food.

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              Another business owner in Old Town said Sweet Garlic (and every other business) got hit hard when the City tore up Myrtle over the last couple months. I'm glad to hear they relocated to Pasadena - my wife loved their fried rice.

            2. Anyone know wheere they went in Pasadena?