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Lamb stock/soup

yumcha Dec 7, 2006 06:36 PM

I tried making a lamb stew - it turned out more like a stock or a soup. It's very lamb-y and rich. A little too rich and buttery for me (and I love butter), but I'd like to know if I can turn it into a stew some how. I didn't have too much meat in it to begin with, so I think that is why it is more like a stock.

Do I put more lamb in to cook and add dumplings on top? (Would dumplings even work?)
Do I add something completely different, like onions to make a lamby-onion soup/stew?

I'd really like a hearty stew, something with lots of onions and potatoes.

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  1. s
    serpah RE: yumcha Dec 7, 2006 07:28 PM

    I wouldn't make another lamb stew out of the soupy part since the lamb flavour could be too overpowering. You could use the soupy part of the stew as a base for soups and other sauces. A nice hearty soup would be mushroom barley soup with lamb chunks....mmmm....

    1. c
      cheryl_h RE: yumcha Dec 7, 2006 08:05 PM

      I'd turn it into scotch broth which has root vegetables, barley and good lamb stock. It sounds like you're halfway there already.

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      1. re: cheryl_h
        Cheese Boy RE: cheryl_h Dec 8, 2006 04:30 PM

        I agree. Don't waste any time, and get right to it. You're almost there! http://www.allfoodrecipes.net/recipes...

      2. welle RE: yumcha Dec 7, 2006 08:11 PM

        if you let it chill and turn all the oil into solid fat, you can collect almost all the fat that way - then you can add all what you like.

        1. j
          JGrey RE: yumcha Dec 7, 2006 09:58 PM

          I used lamb stock as a base for a middle-eastern-ish lentil soup once, and I thought it turned out really well.

          I say just put in what you want (potatoes and onions sound good, maybe a few carrots? mushrooms?) and let it go until it's reduced to the consistency that you want. Add some red wine to cut the richness, maybe.

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