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Dec 7, 2006 06:36 PM

Lamb stock/soup

I tried making a lamb stew - it turned out more like a stock or a soup. It's very lamb-y and rich. A little too rich and buttery for me (and I love butter), but I'd like to know if I can turn it into a stew some how. I didn't have too much meat in it to begin with, so I think that is why it is more like a stock.

Do I put more lamb in to cook and add dumplings on top? (Would dumplings even work?)
Do I add something completely different, like onions to make a lamby-onion soup/stew?

I'd really like a hearty stew, something with lots of onions and potatoes.

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  1. I wouldn't make another lamb stew out of the soupy part since the lamb flavour could be too overpowering. You could use the soupy part of the stew as a base for soups and other sauces. A nice hearty soup would be mushroom barley soup with lamb chunks....mmmm....

    1. I'd turn it into scotch broth which has root vegetables, barley and good lamb stock. It sounds like you're halfway there already.

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        I agree. Don't waste any time, and get right to it. You're almost there!

      2. if you let it chill and turn all the oil into solid fat, you can collect almost all the fat that way - then you can add all what you like.

        1. I used lamb stock as a base for a middle-eastern-ish lentil soup once, and I thought it turned out really well.

          I say just put in what you want (potatoes and onions sound good, maybe a few carrots? mushrooms?) and let it go until it's reduced to the consistency that you want. Add some red wine to cut the richness, maybe.