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Dec 7, 2006 06:32 PM

My Mom's not here, so I need help from CH - dim sum/jook on Stockton Street?

I'm visting my dad on Sunday, and want to bring him some dim sum and jook. My mom usually picks it up, but she's out of town and I have no idea where she usually gets it. I believe she goes someplace on Stockton, between Jackson and Pacific, on the east side of the street (right side, as you head towards North Beach).

I'm willing to take other suggestions for places in Chinatown, also. Thanks!

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  1. I don't think there are any dim sum places on the east side of the block you mention. A A Bakery is at 1068 Stockton, just south of Jackson; Louie Dim Sum is at 1242 Stockton, between Pacific and Broadway. Canton Tea House used to be on the block between Jackson and Pacific, but they've been gone for many many years.

    1. Cindy, do you live near Chinatown? Because there are so many different Chinese restaurants from Noriega Street in the Sunset and Irving St. near Inner Sunset and Clement in Richmond district, that you can find someplace closer and more convenient to where you live. I'm sure your dad will appreciate it just the same, and it might be fun for him to try something different. Unless what your mom gets is just soooo great that he only wants to eat that. (Is your mom out of the country so you can't call her or is she like my mom and only knows the Chinese name?) Anyway, if your mom's regularly place is just soooo great, I want to know the name too! :)

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        My parents live in North Beach, and I'm coming from over the GG Bridge. Chinatown is closer, and I remember dropping my Mom off on Stockton to pick up some dim sum, but I had to circle the block and didn't actually see which store/restaurant she went into.

        My mom is in Asia, actually. Can't call her! :)

        I guess I could just go into the Richmond district off the bridge, then back to North Beach. Any recs? Closer to park presidio, the better. Thanks!

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          Good Luck DimSum on Clement is a good bet, dim sum alongwith jook(I think). I love the jook down on the corner, Wah Lee(not sure) Deli and Donut == their pork/preserved egg jook is really good, loaded, and so cheap.

            1. re: Sarah

              They have both pork/preserved egg jook and chicken/black mushroom jook at Wing Lee on the corner of 6th and Clement. I love the chicken one. Don't know how it rates in comparison to others or on the ever-important authentic scale, but it sure tastes good.

              1. re: srr

                Wing Lee and Wei Lee are under common ownership (as well as Happy Bakery on Irving).

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                  I thought so... but I don't think Wei Lee has the chicken/black mushroom jook that I love so. I have noticed familiar faces at all these shops (Wing Lee, Wei Lee, Happy Bakery) and also at one on Stockton. Don't know what it's called, but I have seen some of the same ladies working behind the counter.

        2. There's Mong (Wong) Gok on Stockton, one or two blocks south of Pacific. The name is actually written on the overhang of the store. It's on the west side of the street a few shops from the Napolean Bakery. It has pretty good dim sum, better than I've found on Clement and great prices.

          1. Cindy you must have been born under a lucky star. Today a lunch we were discussing where the best of take dim sum and jook in Chinatown. The only thing we agreed on was there was not one place with the of everything. So most of these are my opinion only.

            For chive and shrimp dumpling it is a little place on Jackson accross the street from Dick Lee.

            For Beef Meat Balls Dick Lee had a good verison but I have not eat it for a while.

            For Preserved Egg and Pork Jook I like New Wing Sing on Stockton as well the taro root dumpling. Also the smaller chicken bao is really good.

            For Har Gaw I like Gourmet Kitchen.

            For Chew Chou fun gor I like the place just down the block from Gourmet Kitchen on the same side of the street.

            I normally walk around Chinatown and stop at ten place for all the item I like. My sons think I need to get a life.

            If you do not mind walk around you will have a great lunch. As I said my opinion. Sorry I do not remember all the name. I am sure that others that have great take out dim sum but I have not had the time to try them all.

            WOW, I think I will have go soon to meet my eating needs.

            1. Thanks, everyone! I'll try Chinatown first, and save Clement for when I have a little more time. Will report back on my efforts!

              Yimster, in the year I was born, I was born on the first day of Chinese New Year. My Pau Pau kept telling my parents how lucky I was. :)

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                Add to Yimster's list--You's Dim Sim (the 675 Broadway branch) for baked chashu bao and pea shoot dumplings.