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Dec 7, 2006 06:28 PM

Hip Flask - source

My husband wants a nice hip flask for Christmas. I keep suggesting he just get a pair of cargo pants and put the whole damned bottle in there, but he seems to think it would ruin his profile. Any suggestions for a source for a nice one? I've googled it and find some sources, but aren't familiar with them and I don't like taking chances on internet purchases.

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  1. I'm not really sure where to point you for a good one, but I know where to point you away from for a bad one. Avoid the cheap ones! Hahaha. I bought a handsome looking, cheap hip flask from a street vendor, and then brought it out with me to a place I knew would be too crowded to get served. It turned my primo, top shelf vodka into nail polish remover, absolutely foul. I've been warned that I have to "season" it first (leave some booze in it for awhile), but after that horrendous drinking experience I've been reluctant to try it again.

    1. Try one of the better spirits stores near you. A lot of them stock these sorts of accessories, and some are very attractive (leather-wrapped, and the like).

      Hope your Hub shares a nip on the flask with you after the holidays!

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        Well, that's a problem, because we have state liquor stores. So there really aren't any good spirit stores, unfortunately.

      2. how much do you want to spend?

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          1. Go for glass lined to prevent funny flavors.