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Hip Flask - source

My husband wants a nice hip flask for Christmas. I keep suggesting he just get a pair of cargo pants and put the whole damned bottle in there, but he seems to think it would ruin his profile. Any suggestions for a source for a nice one? I've googled it and find some sources, but aren't familiar with them and I don't like taking chances on internet purchases.

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  1. I'm not really sure where to point you for a good one, but I know where to point you away from for a bad one. Avoid the cheap ones! Hahaha. I bought a handsome looking, cheap hip flask from a street vendor, and then brought it out with me to a place I knew would be too crowded to get served. It turned my primo, top shelf vodka into nail polish remover, absolutely foul. I've been warned that I have to "season" it first (leave some booze in it for awhile), but after that horrendous drinking experience I've been reluctant to try it again.

    1. Try one of the better spirits stores near you. A lot of them stock these sorts of accessories, and some are very attractive (leather-wrapped, and the like).

      Hope your Hub shares a nip on the flask with you after the holidays!

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        Well, that's a problem, because we have state liquor stores. So there really aren't any good spirit stores, unfortunately.

      2. how much do you want to spend?

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          1. Go for glass lined to prevent funny flavors.

            1. Any store that caters to well-heeled sportsmen will have flasks. Here are three to check out: Orvis, Dunn's, Kevin's. You can Google and find them easily. I thought the Mulholland leather-covered flasks at Kevin's looked particularly nice. You really don't have to worry about an internet purchase with any of those three outfitters.

              1. I purchased my flask from a "collectables" store at the local mall. The store sells engravable things: mugs, cups, glasses, plaques etc and party decorations. It was not on display, I asked if they sold flasks and they had an assortment (2-3 sizes) in a drawer.

                My flask is 4oz. I received as gifts both a 6oz and an 8 oz flask, the 8 oz comes with a screw on cup. I didn't like the bigger flasks: too bulky and too much alcohol. The 4oz size works for my applications.

                  1. The Beretta Gallery will have lots of nice ones that are made in Germany and Italy. They will start at about $75.00 and go up. They are wrapped in nice leathers.
                    There is a Beretta Gallery in Dallas and one in New York City.

                    1. Hi,
                      I've read the information and suggestions posted about flasks. I have followed many of them however I have not had any success finding a flask with a description of the lining.
                      This was a specific request from my husbands Christmas list.
                      "A lined flask"
                      Does anyone know of a particular brand of flask or company that sells flasks that have been lined or treated to prevent strange flavors created from the combo of metal and alcohol?
                      Perhaps all higher end flasks just come this way?
                      Any insight is appreciated!
                      Thank you.

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                        I'm the OP and I didn't find a glass-lined one. I ordered him one from Brookstone that is stainless steel. Hopefully it will work OK.

                      2. On the other end of the spectrum, Platypus makes 4 and 8 ounce bags which are perfect for carrying spirits. They wouldn't ruin the lines of his cargo pants either.

                        1. A little late for the OP's Christmas shopping, but I own a few vintage flasks. Corrosion (probably oxidization) on the interior of some of them does taint liquor flavors, so they are mainly decorative objects. I'd think a new stainless steel, curved flask would offer a good combination of durability and light weight; a captive top is a very useful feature.

                          They seem like a rather quaint, old-fashioned gentleman's accessory nowadays. I pack one anytime I'm in a friend's wedding party as a little pre-ceremony courage for the groom, but they usually go untouched. I sometimes bring one along to college football games if it's really cold out. But I guess I don't find myself in many situations where a few ounces of discreetly portable booze is extremely handy.

                          There's a variety of "camouflage" flasks that look like binoculars, cellphones, even belt buckles, but I wonder how many experienced stadium entrance screeners would be fooled by these.

                          1. I've gotten flasks as gifts for a number of people, and have always been happy with Gunther Gifts: http://www.gunthergifts.com.

                            They have a wide variety and will engrave them for you too.

                            1. This topic might be way past its prime, but I feel like adding to it. For those who have friends and/or family that also would like a flask but you like to give interesting gifts; might I recommend some flask sandals?


                              I bought these recently on vacation it's a pretty nifty little thing. The flasks only carry about 3oz each, but with both sandals that'll give you 6oz total. Not too bad.

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                                So do you have to squeeze them into a 1 qt bag to get on an airplane?

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                                  No, I decided against wearing them back on the plane because all I need is security to find that I've got footwear with little resevoirs in them. Way too many red flags for me, thank you. My ass would probably still be sitting in the Palm Beach airport while being detained for "questioning"

                              2. Grants of Dalvey (Scotland) make some of the finest flasks I've seen. I got my sister an engraved one from http://www.dalveydepot.com/dalveyflas... . Not cheap, but...