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Dec 7, 2006 06:18 PM

Best "Splurge" Restaurant in LA

Some friends of mine did a "battle of the sexes" type bet, losers take the winners out to dinner where ever they want to go. We have a vegetarian (who eats fish) to consider, and we want to stay somewhere near Hollywood/Mid-Wilshire/Santa Monica area. Any suggestions?

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  1. All together now:


    r gould-saltman

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    1. Another idea, while not as extravagant (or expensive!) as Urasawa but still a bit of a splurge - Providence.

      1. Melisse - which also has a vegetarian tasting menu

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        1. re: chica

          Best mashed potatoes I've ever had were from Melisse.

        2. cut order the kobe steak for yourself a nice bottle of wine apps and sides and desert and you might just hit 300 per. or over that.

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          1. re: kevin

            Ditto that.

            Although I'd go for the bone-in filet with a SIDE of the Japanese Wagyu rib-eye ...


          2. Grace should be on the list.