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Best "Splurge" Restaurant in LA

Some friends of mine did a "battle of the sexes" type bet, losers take the winners out to dinner where ever they want to go. We have a vegetarian (who eats fish) to consider, and we want to stay somewhere near Hollywood/Mid-Wilshire/Santa Monica area. Any suggestions?

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  1. All together now:


    r gould-saltman

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    1. Another idea, while not as extravagant (or expensive!) as Urasawa but still a bit of a splurge - Providence.

      1. Melisse - which also has a vegetarian tasting menu

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          Best mashed potatoes I've ever had were from Melisse.

        2. cut order the kobe steak for yourself a nice bottle of wine apps and sides and desert and you might just hit 300 per. or over that.

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            Ditto that.

            Although I'd go for the bone-in filet with a SIDE of the Japanese Wagyu rib-eye ...


          2. Grace should be on the list.

            1. urasawa.
              hit them where it hurts.

                1. on reconsideration, does the bet include DRINKS? I believe I saw a flight of Opus One bottles from a string of years back to the '90's, at Chinoise on Main that could set someone back $600-700 before you actually got to any FOOD!

                  r gould-saltman

                  1. if you want to really have the most expensive meal, it would probably have to be urasawa. otherwise, you can always eat at places such as l'orangerie, patina, sona (too bad bastide is already closed!!!). i've never spent less than $150/person at any of these places.

                    1. Grace is great, but is quite frugal in comparison to Japanese restaurants, with Urasawa being the belle of the price ball.

                      1. I just want to point out the contrast between this thread and one "overheard in the boards":

                        "Are my seafood leftovers from Applebees yesterday still fresh enough to eat tonight?"

                        1. After a stupendous dinner last night, I would say Providence, hands down. The chef's tasting menu was one of the most satisfying splurges I've had to date (and believe me, I splurge a lot!)

                          1. urasawa! the ultimate splurge. if that's pushing it a bit, next tier down for me would be sona or providence. have been to both with vegetarians and no one went hungry. l'orangerie is about to close, but i wasn't terribly impressed with the food on my last visit. service was lovely though.