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Dec 7, 2006 05:44 PM

Fritelli's through the eyes of a doughnut-disliker (and photos)

Okay, I really don't like doughnuts. To get me to eat a Krispy Kreme's, you'd have to either pay or starve me. But I had to try Fritelli's, just out of curiosity and because my friend made me eat a terrible doughnut the other night.

In a nutshell: the place is adorable and the business cards are original, but...they're doughnuts. I appreciate the use of real apples and quality cinnamon, but it's still just fried dough. Cold fried dough at that. I'm sure there are local holes in the wall that make fresh, warm doughnuts better than Fritelli's, but I'm not enough of a fan to seek them out.

If you love doughnuts, you'd probably be happy to pay the $1 for a unique flavor (gingerbread, pumpkin, latte, peppermint, etc.) but if you don't like doughnuts Fritelli's isn't going to convert you.


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  1. Thanks for the pictures!

    Well, there's fried dough with the texture/weight of dumbbells, and fried dough that's like angel's wings. Seems like from the pics at least it doesn't look heavy. Guess not worth the 1 hour drive for me, but my next West LA/Beverly Hills run I have to check it out (along with that tea shop that someone else recommended).

    Not a krispy kreme fan myself. Too sweet. Give me a good hot beignet anytime!

    1. Beautiful photos! Almost makes me want to rush right over--except that I can go months, perhaps years, without going to Beverly Hills. (And I don't care for Krispy Kreme either...never understood the mania.)

      1. Well, I had to go there today as well out of curiosity. After reading the previous post on Fritelli's, I had to give it a try. Sadly, I got there too late for the apple fritter, though I must thank you for posting a picture! Admittedly, I'm a doughnut fan. So I am really biased here. But I did like them quite a lot. I appreciate anyone who can take a greasy comfort classic and add a nice twist with an odd flavor choice here or there. That said, I didn't think they were THAT much better than, say, Yum-Yum donuts (sorry to have to use that spelling. I too much prefer it with the "ugh"). I had a chocolate cake doughnut with cherry icing and a raised doughnut with a raspberry glaze. Both were good, and the raised one did remind me of the fluffiness of Krispy Kreme, but... you're so right. It's a doughnut. A good one, yes. But a doughnut nonetheless.

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        1. re: frenchdisco

          I confess...I bought the last one.

        2. Given your expressed strong aversion to all doughnuts, this sounded like a rave to me.

          It's perfectly OK if doughnuts as a rule don't agree with your palate. But, with all due respect, that's as far as it goes. To declare that an evidently high-quality, carefully prepared doughnut is ultimately nothing but fried dough is like proclaiming that a fine artisan bread is nothing but baked dough. Or that sushi is just raw fish. Or that a hamburger is just grilled ground beef. Etc.

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          1. re: Arthur

            True. Let me put it this way then: there are fried doughs that really do it for me, but this wasn't one of them (in large part because they were cold). Fried doughs that make me stop and say "mmm":

            -a fresh beignet (yes, like Cafe du Monde in NOLA)
            -a good Chinese cruller (you tiao)
            -deep fried steamed bun (ying tse juan)
            -a hot churro
            -funnel cake from Knott's

            There must be more...but Fritelli's doesn't make the list.

          2. I felt exactly the same way about the apple fritter, it was nice yes, but not exactally SO great that it warranted such a premium price. :P I'll take the Donut Man's Apple Stuffed Donut anyday over these...