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Dec 7, 2006 05:36 PM

If you were on Death Row

and the warden told you you could have any meal you want (restaurant food, frozen food, home cooking, combination of whatever, etc...), as long as it was limited to four courses, what would you dine on for your last meal?

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  1. hot dogs
    skirt steak
    lamb kebab
    fresh corn

    I'm a simple man

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    1. re: abu applesauce

      liver & onions, preferably the Judges.
      ribs, preferably the Wardens.
      and a good pizza pie and some french fries.

      1. I'm cheating a bit here because the courses include a number of things, but:

        good smoked salmon with capers and red onion and maybe a little drizzle of good evoo and a squirt of lemon

        freshly made dip/chutney multi-ethnic platter - hummos, guacomole, pickled beets, fried eggplant, chana masala with tamarind chutney with warm freshly made pita or naan

        brisket (that melts in your mouth) with pan gravy and well-made frites with mayo and ketchup together

        warm cinnamony apple crumble with real vanilla ice cream

        1. blowfish sushi, you only live once, or so they say!

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          1. re: chef chicklet

            You bet - fugu with the liver and all. Cheat the hangman while having a foodie experience.

            1. re: cayjohan

              Thanks for reminding me the correct name!! But you got the drift!

          2. Little skinny French green beans, cooked just al dente, doused in butter.

            Skate with black butter and capers.

            Choucroute garni, with pommes de terre Alsacienne - that's boiled spuds doused in a sauce of chopped onions cooked in butter then blended with sour cream.

            ...and finally, breaking from the butter, a sticky toffee cake, drowned in whipped cream!

            With any luck at all, I'd have that heart attack before they came for me...