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Dec 7, 2006 05:36 PM

Lunch ideas at work.

Ok.. this may be just sheer laziness but, I need help with foods to take to work w/ me. I cannot come up with anything fast & easy or make ahead of time. I don't really like making sandwiches and bringing them to work, they always get soggy or.. just boring.

..and Im just tired of walking over to the deli for a wrap or a cup of soup..


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  1. Now keep in mind as I'm posting this that I am literally eating a cup of uninspiring of the things I usually do is to make a little extra of whatever I'm making for supper to have leftovers for lunch the next day. I save a couple slices of last night's roast beef for a roast beef sandwich. Or I'll set aside of egg fooyung. Or if I have half a chicken breast left I'll slice it up and toss it on top of a green salad with some cheese, throw it in tupperware and go. Cheaper than buying at the deli too (she said whinily as she ate that soup).

    1. If you have access to a microwave, by far the easiest thing is dinner leftovers. So far this week I've had pork goulash with red cabbage and homemade spaetzele, hamburger stroganoff over noodles, and twice-cooked pork with peppers and cabbage over rice. Today I forgot to grab my portion of last night's chicken noodle soup - I'll have to go get takeaway today.

      I'm not a big sandwich eater - on the rare occasions when I do get in the mood for a sandwich that is one lunch I'll buy!

      1. Just wanted to share what I had today: beef salad. I had some beef from stew left, I mooshed it to make it sort of like pulled, diced up a tomato, added some shallots and tarragon and dressed with tiny bit of mayo. Yum! I also added some steamed asparagus, but you could really add anything. It literally took only 5 min. And if you bring some sort of bread or pita with you, you can assemble a sandwich at your desk!

        1. Again if you have access to a microwave, why not take your own soups?

          1. I have good luck with some staples from Trader Joes:

            They offer a frozen, microwaveable rice in both brown and basmati. It makes a good base for all manner of toppings. I frequently top it with their frozen chilil, frozen stew, or packaged Indian curries. Takes about 3 minutes to prep, costs about $3/meal, and is reasonably healthy, filling, and tasty.