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Dec 7, 2006 05:34 PM

Eleven Madison Park or Craft for Holiday Dinner?

I have been to Craft for lunch which was excellent though pricey. I am aware that it is a la carte and have found the side dishes to be amazing. However I have never been to Eleven Madison though have heard mixed reviews. Any preferences?

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  1. Lunch at EMP will be at least as expensive as Craft. It's a great room and one of my favorite places for lunch. My lunch there last week was excellent but am a little surprised at the increase in price (for lunch) since the chef changed.

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      I was at EMP last night and it was decorated for Christmas - unusual red & green flower arrangements. Excellent food, v. pricey.

    2. While the a la carte menu at EMP is pricey, there are two very reasonably-priced ($36) prix-fixes. We did a similar prix-fixe at brunch, and the meal was outstanding!

      1. How about for dinner? Eleven Madison is $76 for 3 courses and I have read that the portions are on the small side. At Craft I have had the braised short ribs, pureed potatoes, chanterelle mushrooms, followed by dougnuts for dessert and that was a tough meal to beat. I am always deliberating between a sure thing and taking a chance on a new place.

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          The portions are definitely on the small side at EMP - but preceded by a selection of four amuses per person, and then a small bowl of soup - and an assortment of petit fours after. I certainly wasn't hungry after the meal.