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Dec 7, 2006 05:06 PM

Work lunch - Yonge Dundas

I'm looking for a place for 15 people for lunch, within a few blocks of Yonge and Dundas (Gerrard/Bay/Jarvis/Queen). We've done Salad King many times and are looking for something less.... rushed. I'm not sure what is on Elm St., or where else within a few blocks can seat all of us for a decent meal. Something with a lot of choice for various tastes (please, not Pickle Barrel or Baton Rouge...)

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  1. There is always Il Fornello on Elm St. Nothing exciting, but they have a large menu, they can accomodate dietary issues, and I think they have the capacity.

    1. In that area, I like Savoy Bistro at Dundas and Victoria.

      1. People have had good things to say about Bangkok Garden on CH.
        Here's their website:

        1. Yeah, I've had a good meal or two at Bangkok Garden.

          1. I have a standby place I enjoy that few ever go to for lunch which always baffles me as Yonge/Univeristy and dundas doesnt have that much foodie going for it. Its called One Up and its at 130 Dundas st W ( a few blocks west of Yonge) We often go there for lunch/martinis and there lamb shank is very good.

            website below