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Dec 7, 2006 04:50 PM

Private party at Frankie's 457

I'm considering having a private party at Frankie's 457 Spuntino. Does anyone have any feedback from their personal experiences, either as a host or guest? Much appreciated.

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  1. i went to a party there a year or so ago. It was in that back room/building. The party was v. nice, but it was a warm sunny day, so we got the use of the garden as well. don't know what it would be like in winter. the food was good, tho.

    it's pretty and a good, low-key place to hold a fete. however, don't know anything about the cost.

    1. We had a party private party there in the beginning of November and we loved it. The food was terrfic (served family style) and the staff was easy going and friendly. We were 23 people and were set up at one long table. We had our own dedicated waiter, who was assisted on occasion by others from the main space. The carriage house has its own bar and bathroom. The space is great looking and the whole evening was a big success.

      In terms of price, there a couple of different menu choices and drink choices. Give the restaurant a call and they will email the info to you. If the price is not prohibitive, I highly reccommend having your party there.

      1. I went to a wedding reception there back in October and it was AMAZING. The food was delicious all around (I still fantasize about some of those crostini), and the staff was super attentive and down to earth. They had pitched tents in back to cover the open areas, but I think at this time of year you would likely be just renting out the carriage house right? I highly recommend it.